Why do so many people assume that all blacks are poor and that all whites are rich??

I don't think people REALLY believe that when they make those types of ignorant comments... first of all, there are many people of color throughout the world, the African-Americans in this country are just a small, small portion and there are more individuals of color worldwide than whites. Secondly, I think the people who make those comments are obviously uneducated and ignorant because at my university the average income for African American families is well over 100 grand a year, with similar statistics for other Ivy League and Elite Eight schools. If these people concentrated on doing better in school and searching for the truth, they would see all of the intelligent, morally uproght African AMericans in this country that are making a difference, the ones I see at my University everyday. Oh, and to Britney or whatver her name is who made us whites look so bad by making claims about blacks and violence, well... the white man invented the gun so if it weren't for us then all of that


**** may never have happened and our society wouldn't be the mass it is today

Update 2:

oh, and I think that it's quite funny that Britney blocked me because she was scared that I would have too many things to say that would totally disprove her retarded theories!! haha

Update 3:

Audrey.. your ONE person... get over it

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    This can be traced back to the Civil War. THe newly freed blacks were now able to live as they would like, except that, as former slaves they had no education. this meant that the only place to find work would be as laborers or in the citys, where most blacks went. Even then their children were not able to get a real education most of the time due to segtration in schools. at the same time the wealthy people in the citys were moving out to rual and suburban areas. this created a situation where those in the city are usually poorer and since many blacks still live in urban areas they fall into that catagory. This situation has shaped 'Black Culture' and lead to the stereo type that African Americans are poor.

    On the other hand most of the wealthy people in America (As well as most of the people in America) are white. This has lead to the stereo type that whites are ritch.

    and honestly, i don't think minority Americans would bais there opinion of the white race off of a celebrity ot singel person on the internet. you shouldn't be worried... and you also shouldn't blame violence on guns/the ethnic group that invented guns. If you can blame murder on a gun then i can blame spelling mistakes on my pencil. the gun is just a tool and violence in humanity has been around much longer then guns.

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    you're very right :) I think people make themselves believe that just to feed their stereotypes. Britney is blatantly ignorant and she doesn't make whites look bad, just herself. I know too many good people of many different cultures to be disillusioned by one idiot like Britney and to generalize a whole culture.

    I come from a middle class family and most of the blacks that attended my school were middle class as well. People generalize and assume so incorrectly and they refuse to see the facts. My question is, if people don't want to know the truth about the world they live in, why bother living at all?

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    Ignorance is like a disease, the more it is spread around, the more people are inclined to believe such things. Plus, people are way too absorbed in the media, and don't bother looking beyond the TV for some credibility. It could be because some people are lazy, and don't want to try and look for individuality.

    As for Britney, don't listen to her, she is not making all White people look bad, just herself. The White man made the gun, and a Black man made the stoplight, so I wonder where people would be without that little invention.

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    Its probably because of how people look at it. People would think about it as the slave trade and how the African-Americans had nothing because they were stolen. This doesn't happen around my neighborhood though, so I can't relate to it very well. That would seem to be the reason though, because of something that happened nearly 150 years ago, takes the effect on peoples minds today.

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    Well, alot of people don't want to do the research. Anyway, what's in the water at your university, maybe I should move there. Kidding!!! I believe my time will come. Anyway, I agree with you, Britney is faker than Pamela Anderson's boobs.

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    So many people who? Sounds like you hang out with a bunch of yuppies and morons. I havent heard anyone say this statement besides someone over 65, which is like whatever and they were raised way back when when racism was huge and it was what everyone said, they are just ignorant and out of the times. You act like tons of people say this all the time. Id say out of 300 some people Ive ever heard talk or say things, maybe Ive heard this kind of statement 3 times.

    You also better watch out when you call out those girls publicly, I have had a violation notice that was total BS because I called a girl a rude little brat because she was being nasty and I got my question deleted..........teenage girls are so sensitive! Ugh

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    Before you get all worked up-- why don't you refine your question. Just who is "so many people" and what exactly do they think? I don't know anyone of even moderate intelligence who thinks ALLLL blacks are poor or criminals. If you're worked up because there is a general perception that blacks have higher poverty and crime rates, you'll just have to get over it-- it's true and it's common knowledge.....


    Do you own search for poverty stats and you'll see.


    One a side note, it never ceases to amaze me how young people today are so blind to statics and general trends especially about race. Drawing statistics about a race as a whole does NOT INDICATE THAT EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL OF THAT RACE IS THE SAME! It simply means there is higher/lower average of a thing for that race AS A WHOLE.


    And as always, notice how the people who don't get statics will invariably present anecdotal exceptions to the rule to *prove* their point-- "OH but my black doctor is RICH so it can't be true that there's more poverty among blacks".


    Whoever thumbed me down is a mentally challenged individual and a would just LOVE to hear the rationale..... please....


    ~Audrey~ makes an EXCELLENT point! Everyone who doesn't get it pulls anecdotes out of their rear ends-- why can't we?

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    Because on average it is true that blacks are generally poorer than whites on average.... I would have thought this was obvious.... why are people asking such easy questions with obvious answers... are you guys trying to make this into a discussion forum?

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    Thank you, because when it comes down to it ignorance knows no color. The less racial problems we have the more this world will be a better place.

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    Who are these people?

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