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Have a question - Small claims state of iowa?

If John Doe sues Jane Doe for $850.00 and Jane acknowledges owing $150.00 but no more and they go to court does John Doe win his case even tho its only $150 awarded and will Jane Doe pay court fees etc.? Jane Doe has already tried to settle out of court.

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    John Doe would need to be able to prove by the preponderance of the evidence what money was owed; if Jane has previously acknowledge in writing, or verbally if witnesses, to owning any money not paid, John will be able to win his case for any amounts proven owed and not paid and Jane will have to pay that amount, Court fees and costs and John may also be awarded any attorneys fees and expenses if he consulted with one in preparation for the case.

    To avoid losing in Court, Jane should pay the amount that she has acknowledged owing to John.

    John can still sue her for the remainder that he is stating that she still owes him, but unless he can prove his case in Court, he will be out any fees and costs to pursue the case.

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    I have a small claims submitted and the defendant has paid the original invoice but not the interest that was owed. Can I continue on with the small claims or does the court see that the original invoice is paid and the interest is null and void?

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