I have been thinking a lot about becoming a paramedic...what do I have to do to become one?

I want to know what are some classes I may need to take, what kind of classes they offer in a college,chow long it takes to complete training, etc.

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    I am a Paramedic from Alberta, Canada. In my Province you have to do it in stages first you have to become a Emergency Medical Responder this course is about 150 Hours long. It is just an into to EMS and Medical Emergencies. Then you can go for your Emergency Medical Technician- Ambulance, this last about 3 months full time in class then usually another 3 months doing Ambulance and Hospital Practicums. This is where you learn all your Basic Life Supprt. Once you are an EMT-A you can go to be an Emergency Medical Technologist-Paramedic (EMT-P). This is a two year diploma where you will learn Advance Life Supprt. All together it is about 3 years in school. However you really need to master your BLS skills before you can do Advance Life Support. Experience is key I would urge you to do about 1 to 2 years or BLS care before going into a Paramedic program. It took me about 5 years to be a Paramedic and becuase of my experience as an EMT I feel way more comfertable! This is not something you can rush remember you have peoples lives in your hands! So basically where ever you are there are 3 stages of EMS. My area is EMR to EMT-A to EMT-P another system isPrimary Care Paramedic (PCP) to Advance Care Paramedic (ACP) to Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) CCP's are usually employed as a flight medic. In the United States They use EMT-Basic to Paramedic. So first thing is find out what system of EMS your area uses then go talk to some local colleges and see if they offer any EMS programs. Alot of EMS and Fire stations will offer training.

    I would also urge you to stay away from Four year degree programs in paramedicine, they do not allow for enough experience which is key in being a great ALS provider. If you are interested in getting a degree there are many programs that allow paramedics to transfer in everything from health science to health policy!

    Good Luck

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    Here in NC, and most other states you have 2 routes:

    Continuing Education (non credit)


    Curriculum Education ( associates/bachelors degree)

    In my state it is faster to get to the paramedic level via the associates degree route, 2 years. And you would have a college degree. You would take your typical AAS degree general education courses such as, english, math, humanites, etc. You would also take your paramedic courses like a cardiology course, pharmacology, etc.

    If you just want to do EMS for fun and have a full time job in something else you might want to consider the EMT-Intermediate level. Its easier to obtain and you still get to do cool stuff. An EMT-I can handle a fair amount of the calls in where I live.

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    You have to have an associates in applied science. It takes a couple of years if you go full time.

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    first you have to get your EMT certification.

    heres a helpful link


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