hi im a 14 year old girl, not in any rush for a bf but.. I HATE BOOZE AND CLUBS!!?

I mean thats where everyone is getting thier gf, 13-20 clubs, parties, music concerts- all of which i either dont like or simply cant go too. i also dont like drinking alkohol (every girl i know does, and all have gotten bf's at night-clubs.) call me strange but i dont think il ever be a party type, or alkohol type. my mam smokes, which i find disgusting, ive tasted all kinds of booze b4 and its disgusting, and i also dont particualry like flashing my boobs or knickers. i dont want a bf right now, but im not exactly riddled with offers. where would be the best plae for me to go to find a bf? dont say sports clubs, i go to a girls school, and im no lesbien. i like shopping, but the guys that go shopping are one of the following:


ugly and lucking for a gf

charvy-ish (not attractive for me)



p.s, ive just read over what i have typed and it looked as if i said that sports groups are for lesbiens, i meant to say that i couldnt meet boys there as i go to an all girls school! lol

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    You sound like a lovely intelligent girl hon with great class and a mind of her own. Please don't change.

    You are doing nothing wrong at all - you are not strange or abnormal. You simply have a great deal more class and common sense than most young people these days. You know alcohol is actually a poison? Ever heard of a substance called ethanol? Ask your chemistry teacher! Basically alcohol is flavoured ethanol! You're not missing anything and are not the strange one!

    I am 29 years old but am just like you in that I have always had a mind of my own and avoided the usual mindless stuff that people do. I don't have much in common with other young adults at all but what I do have is a few good friends who are as individual and classy as me!! Clubs are nasty skanky places in my opinion and I never cared for them myself! Sticky carpets! YUK!! Much rather go to a museum, nice restaurant or arty cinema!

    In terms of a boyfriend - I wouldn't worry just yet, focus on getting good grades and using that intelligence of yours. When you are ready for a man - I met my boyfriend on a speed date, we've been together almost two years now! I think you would have to be over 18 though to take part in speed dating, though they may do it for teens somewhere. You'd have to look that up.

    For friendships with young people as rare as yourself, and potential boyfriends I suggest getting involved after school with things that interest you such as performing arts, animal welfare, history groups, language groups (I speak Spanish and am setting up my own speaking group in my local area soon) and of course sports clubs if that's what you're into! Sport and an all girls school doesn't make anybody a lesbian any more than it makes anybody heterosexual! These are just suggestions - basically I'm saying whatever you are interested in go out and do.

    Many people today think that the only thing to do after work/school is go clubbing and get plastered and they carry this on well into adulthood. Those girls will still be doing that well into their twenties and likely beyond I promise you!

    They are the ones who are strange because they have no real interests beyond getting wasted!

    Go develop who you are, pursue your interests and make friends of the same mindset who aren't hung up on alcohol and clubs. And focus on your education and your future too.

    I hope I helped!

    Jenny X

    Source(s): Personal experience!
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    I'm 30, and hate the same things you hate.

    Seriously, if you DO decide to start boozing and flashing your body, what you will end up with is not a boy friend, but a jerk. You seem like a very intelligent person (and no, not "intelligent for your age," just straight up intelligent), and you should not cheapen yourself or compromise your values. What you would probably like most is to find somebody with whom you have something in common.

    So what do you like, besides shopping? I like reading quite a bit, and spend a lot of time at bookstores that have cafes. Lots of people strike up conversations in that environment, and not only are they all sober, but there's already something to talk about right in front of you. Book signings are great for that too, if you live in a big enough city to where that happens. I also love to cook, and my local grocery store often hosts cooking workshops or food tastings, which are fun. When I was your age (actually, from the age of 6, up to 23), I spent a lot of time doing community theatre. I have also taken sign language classes and art classes, spent a great deal of time at art & science museums and galleries, done volunteer work at the local food pantry, and enrolled in some small yoga studios, which, I must say, are my FAVORITE even still. All of these environments are conducive to stimulating conversation, which is the first step. Also, many of these facilities occasionally throw parties that don't involve liquor, loud music, or lewd behavior.

    Finally, take your time. So many people get hung up on dating that they focus all of their energy on their potential partners, and none on themselves. Be happy with who you are. Be the person with which you enjoy spending time, with or without companionship. Make your adventures, and if you meet somebody along the way, even better. But for most people, nothing is more appealing than confidence, so take your independence and strut. Be somebody you'd want to date, if you were the guy you'd want dating you, and I am sure he will eventually find you.

    Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    look don't be in any rush getting a BF just worry about getting great grades and maybe going to college. While at college you'll find the man of your dreams... if not you'll have a degree and making your own money that give you more power to find the right man anyway

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    u may hate clubs and booz but i am 13 and i go out wa ma pals all the time 2 clubs. i can tell u that on friday night i went out to a club and never came home till 1 in the morning and i was pure heavy sick every where thats wat booz dose 2 u so ur a very good girl not drinking

    love ya

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    hey i'm 15 and i just started highschool last august.

    i know what you mean.

    everyone started going crazy about drinking when i was in 8th grade.

    i personally hate being drunk and i hate people that drink to get drunk.

    i've smoked weed before and it was fun for a while but then i burned out on that (no pun intended) and i havent smoked in about 4 months.

    when you get into highschool, if you already arent, you will start to meet people that you get along with.

    you can join clubs in highschool where you can meet new people and guys..

    you can check out myspace too, just be careful that its not some wierd middle aged guy youre talking to.

    add me on myspace! (:

    sign up and search ALANA MACNABB.

    hope this helped :/


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  • 1 decade ago

    well if your strange i'm bizzar, it sounds like your in a tight spot, when i was your age (jezz that makes me feel like 100 years old) we had "group dates" just boys and girls chilling, nothing to much to do, at some other kids hose, playing games, or whatever, and you just got to know a more honest version of whome ever you were intrested in w/o all the stress of a title, good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    aww sweetie it's ok i really hate booz and club, with a passion. i have never drank and don't plan to but with that i found a really good guy who treats me greatly. i met him on line and we love eachother. meeting online not safe but i ran by chance. when the right guy comes you'll know (uglyor very hansome) also to find a great guy takes a LONG time or a short time but it taked even longer to know them very well

    good luck on finding your perfect guy one day. =)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just wait it out, I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 17... because all the guys that would ask me out were drinkers or partyers. I waited for the right guy and we've been together for 2 years... You just gotta wait for the perfect guy for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Relax, you are 100% normal. Many people even in college don't drink or flash their boobs like you said. Or go to clubs. You be yourself, find your personal style--the clothes, activities, hairstyles, things you like, etc--that make you who you are....and just be yourself. Try to make friends who like things you like and you will have fun that way!

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  • 1 decade ago

    You sound like-the perfect girl- You are realy something. Where i live, I cain't find ANY girl like that. Look at my profile. I hope you live some where near me. IM me at heerooooo@yahoo.com.

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