Ever had a poem written about you?

Would you like one?

I'm out of answers. *sigh*
Update: *ahem*

I have a dear friend, known as just hehehe.
She's as sweet as can be, when dealing with me.
The tire swing we're kickin'
While ice cream we're lickin'.
No better way to spend a spring day, you see.
Update 2: If for some groovy chick you're choosin'.
You could do a lot worse than dear Susan.
She's truly the bee's knees.
But be nice to her, please.
Unless from me, you like some bruisin'.
Update 3: Have you heard of fair maiden, Stephanie?
She's quite kind to both you and to me.
We'll save her a fling
On the trusty tire swing.
'Twill be a lovely epiphany.
Update 4: It's such a joy here, dear CuppyCake.
Tho true affection some just quite just take.
We'll mourn their sad losses.
And go tell their bosses.
And swing twice as long, for their sake.
Update 5: Are you familiar with the Evolution of T.
I suspect it was some time past B.
She's made level 6,
And there are easier tricks.
Just halfway there is poor little old me.
Update 6: I have a dear Y!A friend, Lilia.
If encountered, please be nice to her, will ya?
Her answers are thoughtful
And meanness, just naught-ful.
Showing courtesy simply won't kill ya.
Update 7: I have a dear friend who's livin' life.
She's been kind to me and my silliness rife.
Don't think it's a shame.
For I know her real name.
She helps to dodge the world's strife.
Update 8: I know a dear Sweetie named Lisa the Pooh.
Her warm, kind whimsy touches me, and would you.
Her joy heats the kiln
With references to Milne.
And snuggles with Kanga, and Roo.
Update 9: Another dear Susan ends with a V.
Which rhymes, you will notice, with my first letter, B.
She's lovely and kind,
And if sensible, you'll find
She's a very dear Yahoo friend to me.
Update 10: I would not forget my dear friend KD
and know that she's never betrayed me.
If I traverse the Big Apple
We'll share a big Snapple
Even if the small side trip delayed me.
Update 11: Aren't you thrilled that the Pink Bear returns
The Yijits, their envy just burns.
I just have found
It's nice having around
With affection, my heart doth just churns.
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