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Fans of the "Twilight" Series??!!!?

I just want your opinion.

1. Who do you think is more suitable for Bella? Edward or Jacob? Why?

2. Who do you like better? Why?

3. Which, do you think, is your fave volume?

--Heh heh =] "Twilight"... my new obsession =]

I'm only up to the 2nd vol (new moon) but Im almost finished =] Im gonna buy the 3rd volume tomorrow ^^

I dont mind spoilers ^^ Just give your opinion, please ^^ Thanks alot!!

[I'm a complete Edward fan, btw ^^ But I love Jacob, too ^^)


Hey Guys!!


Just finished it <3 It was really sad ~U^U~

Um... well... yeah... Im a EdwardX Bella supporter...I think that Jacob is more dangerous than Edward is. I mean... you've all read about Sam and his wife... I dont think I could bear it if that happened to Bella... and I'm also curious about the kind of Vampire she would be =] Like Aro said... she should have some interesting powers =]

I love Jacob too... and I know that he loves her... but... I just cant get over The whole EdXBell relationship!

I usually dont like sappy romance... but theirs is just soo amazing!!


Update 2:

I know, Isabella!!! <3 <3

Sooo amazing!! lol!! =]

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    1) Definitely Edward. Since Bella even knows herself that SPOILER I KNOW YOU DON'T CARE BUT JUST IN CASE she loves Jacob but she loves Edward more.

    2) Edward. He's just... Not sure how to explain it. I think the 20 million Edward fangirls is some kind of clue.

    3) Twilight, the first one. First is the best, second is the worst, third is the one with the treasure chest. (I think it's actually first is the worst, second is the best, third is the one with the treasure chest is the saying, but I edited it to fit this situation). Twilight > Eclipse > New Moon.

    Cause New Moon had like no Edward for most of the book and it's just not the same without him. Meanwhile Bella gets closer to Jacob. =(

    Eclipse, eh. I didn't really like Bella in Eclipse, once you read it you might see why.

    Edward ftw~

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    I love Twilight! Well, especially Edward. :3 I'm so glad you've joined the obsession. I can't wait for the next book. :D

    1. I think Jacob would be better for her but she loves Edward so much she deserves to be with Edward. I think Jacob would be better because this way she won't turn into a vampire, she can live a normal life, and she can have kids. She can't do that with Edward but Bella is willing to sacrifice all of that to be with him.

    2. Edward. I love his character. His personality is so cool and he always over thinks things which is pretty cute.

    3. I like New Moon and Twilight the best. I didn't like the ending to Eclipse so I like the other books better.

    I ♥ Byakuya!!! (and Edward)

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    1. Who do you think is more suitable for Bella? Edward or Jacob? Why?

    Edward is because he is more compassionate about her feelings than Jacob is, Jacob seems he wants to make her like him he won't accept no for an answer.

    2. Who do you like better? Why?

    I already said why I liked Edward.

    3. Which, do you think, is your fave volume?

    I really enjoyed reading Eclipse and Twilight.... I really can't choose between them. But personally I like all 3 of them so I don't have a favorite.


    1. I'd say Edward... just because Bella is so deeply infatuated with him.

    2. I like Edward, I guess... but Jacob is nice, too. I can imagine Jacob being a guy you could play video games with... that'd be fun.

    3. My favorite is probably Twilight, the CLASSIC, then Eclipse... then New Moon. Bella is too sad in New Moon. :'(


    I don't usually go for romance either, but the books are just TOO GOOD!

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    AHHH, I'm a Twilight Saga freak! xD I can't wait for Breaking Dawn (4th book) and the movie!! >__<

    1. Edward. Even though Bella does realize that she loves Jake more then a friend, her love for Edward is much stronger then her love for Jake. And just 'cause she is going to marry Edward, being a vampire herself isn't mandatory. But in Breaking Dawn its sorta obvious to me that she's going to turn to a vampire. (Lets just say that things happen..don't wanna give it all out) Jake is a great guy, he comforted Bella when Edward left her for a period of time, even though I can see his reason behind it, and she got depressed. Kinda hard actually to choose. 'Cause Edward left her...which was really stupid of him.

    2. Between Jacob and Edward? Edward. Eek~! Haha, I love Jasper though. I'm a big fan of Alice and Jasper, the couple that is. =) Alice is a lot like me.

    3. Eclipse is THE best! Third book =)

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    1. Bella and Edward forever!

    2. I like Jacob better (for me), which is why I support Bella and Edward...that leaves Jacob for me -huggles-

    3. The third one, I'd say. I love the whole series though! don't make me choose!

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    1. Edward, as she said only Vampires can LOve you forever

    2. I like edward because...ok i just like him, at first i didnt like Jacob and now i think that he is alright

    3. I like the first book

    I LOVE TWILIGHT!! who ever doesnt needs to get a life

  • 1. Who do you think is more suitable for Bella? Edward or Jacob? Why?

    Edward =p Why? Dunno.. I'm an Edward fan ^^

    2. Who do you like better? Why?

    Edward, He seems nicer, and better looking

    3. Which, do you think, is your fave volume?

    Eclipse! I loved alllll the events in it! ^^

    New moon was kinda sad T~T

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    i love twilight!

    im a complete edward fan too, and i also love jacob. but i think i would pick edward. i wish i could pick both tho. that would be the best.

    i dont know which is my favorite volume...i loved them all. and the fourth one comes out august 2. i cant wait XD

  • Anonymous
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    1. Edward is more suitable. seems her type.

    2. Edward because he's more mature and romantic and reminds me of a certain someone xD

    3. The first one. Where it all started.

    Source(s): haha. my new obsession is twilight also.
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