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What do you think of the Miss Bimbo Website?

What do you think of this-

(CNN story, "Web Site Provokes Anger")

2 men created the Miss Bimbo web site.

What if the tables were turned & women created one --what would it be called? Is it cool when one gender depicts another like this? What message is this particular web site sending to young girls?

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    Simply terrible! I think it sends the WRONG message to young girls...that life is all about being pretty, thin, and marrying a rich person. In other words, being a "bimbo!" However, a number of movies made in Hollywood do the same thing...

    I couldn't believe it when I read at CNN how the web designer says that it's "harmless fun" and it teaches girls about real life. That's real life??? in whose alternate universe??? I find it particularly alarming that this game is being marketed to girls as young as 7 years old.

    To me it's wrong, no matter the gender of the person who designed it. They think it's so funny...wait till they have kids of their own and they gotta deal with eating disorders and having self-absorbed kids.

    Makes me glad I have a grandSON...but then I still gotta worry about the violent video games that are marketed to boys :(

    it's always something, isn't it?

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    Disgusting. It is enough to read from every magazine how young, thin and perfect girls and women have to be without now having a game who promotes exactly the same negativity: become a Barbie doll. If it were a similar game for boys I would also say the same thing. Now they are also bombard about how they should look.

    Why not a game about how to uplift the spirit or/and make the neurons work?

    I agree absolutely with the commentators of the program. They are educating children and young women. There have been enough cases of teenagers operating their breasts!! And they keep reading and now playing the same crap, very sad . I don't find the irony or funny elements of this game as others wrote, I feel it is extremely negative :-(

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    Personally, I found the site amusing, but hey i'm not a kid at risk of being influenced by these things. I think people should consider the implications of websites/products like this for children more carefully. We feed kid's minds all this hype about how important image is, etc, then we scratch our heads and complain that they grow up too fast.

    Its not cool for anyone to depict members of the opposite gender in a demeaning way, whether male or female.

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    Why would an 8-year old have a cell phone?

    I think there's obviously a demand for it, it's not like this website is the first to depict such ideals for girls. they're playing to a stupid demand and making money off it. someone with self respect wouldn't visit and parents should be paying attention to what their young children are doing on the internet.

    I think there's something to be said about the fact that they're making money off this.

    if there was a gender turnaround, i don't think there would be an outcry at all. demeaning men has become fashionable and it's disturbing.

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    First of all bimbo means stupid guy not stupid girl.

    These two morons are being antisocial trying to make a joke out of people.

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    Hahahahahahahaha I read it and thought it was too absurd to be true really.......

    Hmmmmm they could make one for guys called Mister Mandingo......... Feed your character steroids and get penis enhancement surgeries while your balls are slowly absorbed into your body!!!!

    And no, I do not support, condone, or encourage this kind of thing, but viewed in a satirical light its funny.

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    Says Miss Bimbo herself in an exclusive interview:- "I want it! I want it! If you don't give it to me I'll hold my breath until I go blue in the face and die and then you'll be sorry!!"

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    Not only to girls, but also to boys....

    I think this is a clear reflection of our society and we have certain celebrities to thank for it.

  • Unfortunately, it's just one more good reason why parents should be monitoring their children's activities on the net.

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    It looks like fun to me. is that why the smug british news dweebs are blasting it?

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