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Who is the most influential person from World War 2? (joke)?

(I don't know who this guy is, but I found 4 of these on the internet, they're picture files so it takes a little bit of time to retype them and I tried to stick the comments back in also. anyways, read these homework assignments, they're hilarious, I think they're real too)

Peter Nguyen

Mr. Guitierrez


U.S. History

Influential Person in World War 2: Jimmy McPerson [Teacher's comment: "Very Cute, Peter"]

Jimmy McPerson isn't a well sung hero. He isn't in any historybooks, not many people have even heard of him. Some might argue he was never even a documented citizen. But what can't be argued, is the contributions he brought to this great nation during its most troubled time: World War 2. And it can also be said, without a doubt, that he definitely existed.


Young Jimmy knew from the beginning that he was destined for greatness. Born to a young African slave couple, Jimmy grew up in Harlem, in up-state Chicago. [Chicago was crossed out by the teacher who left a note: "Harlem is in New York"] Like all black youth, Jimmy joined a gang, in order to get his "props." [Teacher: "what"] He and the rest of his unnamed gang in Harlem ran the streets with an iron fist. Times were good. Or were they [Teacher added the question mark here]

Update 2:

Times were indeed good. Until the Japanese performed a sneak attack on young Jimmy's town, killing his parents instantly. [teacher's comment: "The Japanese never attacked N.Y. OR Chicago] Jimmy swore revenge on all the Japanese, and promised to avenge the death of his parents, who were on the verge of curing cancer. Jimmy couldn't join the army, [Teacher's comment: "yes they could"] becuase Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't born yet [Teacher's comment: "yes he was"] and blacks couldn't join the military. So Jimmy had to form a plan. A deadly plan. For revenge.

Update 3:

Using a new name, Jimmy snuck into the Japanese base in Tokyo, and fought off countless samurai ninjas, until he came face to face with the president of Japan [Teacher's comment: "Do you mean Emperor?"] "President Maximoto! Now you're going to pay!" Jimmy said, but little did he know that right behind him was Hitler! [Teacher's comment: "Oh God no...."] "Now, you must fight us both!" Jimmy fought valiantly, but he was no match for both Hitler and President Japan. With his dying charge, he pushed Hitler out the window, falling with him to his death.

Update 4:

Jimmy McPerson probably saved the world, because he killed Hitler, and sacrificed himself in the process. However, since Jimmy used a fake name to do battle in China, his story was never revealed to the American public. Thus, Jimmy's efforts will go passed by, unnoticed by time and history. And that's why Jimmy McPerson is my hero and most influential person in World War 2. The End. [Teacher's comment: "If Jimmy was forgotten by History, how do you know about him?"]

Update 5:

Please feel free to browse my other questions, I post jokes all the time.

Update 6:


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    omg that made me laugh so hard!!!

    thank you soooo much for posting that!!!


  • Kuervo
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    1 decade ago

    lol I read it all. I can't believe the kind of things people can come up with, they have a strong imagination. Hitler falling to his death lol and president of japan lol

  • cats
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    1 decade ago

    Long but funny! 100!

  • 1 decade ago

    "like all blacks he joined a gang"

    i almost died when i read that ! hahha this history paper is jokes i hope Peter got an A++ !!!!

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  • Jason
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    1 decade ago

    Haha that was worth the read.


  • 1 decade ago

    I laughed so hard that I had to print this out for my boss because he was he's laughing, too!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    funny. but what's the joke. did you make up the essay? i'm a little confused.

  • 1 decade ago

    haha that made my day. i wish i could give you 10 points. you deserve. it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I didn't bother reading that so I'm gunna say..........Hitler.

  • 1 decade ago

    cute, i really like it.

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