How come whenever I turn on my computer the time if two hours earlier?

Whenever I turn on my computer the time is set two hours earlier and I have to change it!!! Why is this happening?


This computer is also less than a year old

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    It could be as simple as the wrong time zone selected.

    For instance, when we prepare a PC for a client, the time zone is often set to Eastern Std Time. Since we're in Mountain, we're 2 hours out of sync.

    Here's how to confirm or change this setting...

    Start Menu...

    - Control Panel

    --- Date & Time

    ----- on Vista, select the "Change time zone..." button

    ----- on XP / 2000, select the "Time Zone" tab

    ------- now select the correct time zone and ensure the "...daylight savings..." box is CHECKED

    --------- click OKAY button and check your time.

    If that doesn't change the time, then you should run Windows Update and ensure you have all the latest patches. There are several patches related to the recent changes to Daylight Savings Time.

    Michael McLaughlin @ Iron Oak IT inc., Calgary, AB

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    The CMOS battery on the mother board may be dead. Replace it.

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