What is with some Non-Catholic Christians and the Catholic Church?

I can understand that some people are not Catholic and for whatever reason believe something else. What I don't understand is why some feel the need to come up with lies or at the very least gross misconstructions of Catholic teaching in order to make themselves at peace with themselves not being Catholic.

Case in point: At my cousin's Congregational church, the pastor has a Catholic background. Whenever I go there, I am more than likely to hear something untrue about Catholicism, be it that we worship Mary(we don't), that we added books to the Bible(we didn't), that we regard the Pope to be perfect(we don't - papal infallibility is very limited and is very, very rarely used), or some other caricature of ancient Catholic teachings and practices.

So, basically, my question is: Why spend so much energy perpetuating lies about Catholics?

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    I've thought a lot about this, and I've come to the conclusion that it's a combination of a minimalist approach to religion and a modern day version of gnosticism on the parts of the bashers.

    Take a look around this Forum: what are the things about Catholicism that really get the haters wound up? Statues, the Blessed Virgin, rituals, the ceremonial attention paid to the Pope -- all things that the Protestants don't have. They have reduced religion to a mere spiritual exercise and forgotten that Jesus Himself worked with material things.

    He used a few fish and some bread to teach the disciples a lesson in faith, just as He used coins in the mouth of another fish to prove a point to Peter. He even spat on the ground and made mud to heal a blind man! There's absolutely nothing wrong with material things and so-called 'pagan' rituals (baptism being one of them, BTW) as long as God has purified them and sanctified them to His use.

    And the other problem is that Protestants unconsciously seem to feel that matter is evil -- Gnosticism at its worst. That's why all that they do is symbolic: baptism symbolizes renewal, Communion symbolizes Christ's body and blood. . . symbol after symbol, but nothing real and concrete by way of spiritual benefits.

    God never worked that way in the Old or the New Testaments: when He said to do something, there was a very real result that followed. March around the city and blow those trumpets. . .by golly, those walls of Jerico fell down! Bathe seven times in the Jordan -- pfft! There went Naaman's leprosy! Each time, there was a very real benefit to visibly expressing one's faith in God.

    The bottom line is that many Protestants are stuck "having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof." (2 Timothy 3:5) If God chose to be worshipped by physically sacrificing animals and His Son opted to work in material things to increase faith, then I see no problem with the Catholic Church using purified and sanctified physical materials in worship, either.

    Source(s): Catholic convert
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  • 4 years ago

    Catholics marry non-Catholics all the time. You'll have to start by getting dispensation, but it's so normal now, that won't be a big deal. Because Catholics consider Holy Matrimony to be a Sacrament and most non-Catholics don't, you'll probably have to do all your premarital prep in the Catholic Church, but you'll probably want to because there is more spiritual and practical preparation, since marriage is a permanent thing for us. When you marry, you'll either have a full Mass or just the wedding rite. Most mixed couples opt for the rite only since the non-Catholic can't receive Holy Communion. You will have to promise to raise your kids Catholic. Your boyfriend won't - the Church doesn't expect non-Catholics to know how to raise Catholic kids. However, he will have to promise to let you raise the kids Catholic, and he'll have to promise to never interfere with your practice of the Catholic faith. That will mean he can't try to coax you into skipping mass or using birth control or turning off his IV if he's on life support to hurry his death along.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In a nutshell: They reject the authority of the Church. Every straw-man argument, every cherished misconception about what Catholics do and believe, every knee-jerk reaction to anything with a whiff of Catholicism as if of incense, goes right back to that central issue. If they acknowledged even a bit of Catholic doctrine to be true, they'd be accepting the authority of the Church to define the Christian faith rather than their own freelance interpretation of Scripture -- and they might as well be Catholic too.

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    1 decade ago

    Why spend so much energy perpetuating lies about Catholics?


    I think they have auditions to see which member talks the most crap about Catholicism, and that is how they determine who does the preaching in their church

    (you are right about most if not all are former Catholics)

    Source(s): where I live they talk the same nonsense on their radio shows
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  • 1 decade ago

    When I first came on board Y/Ans. I was horrified by the number of Christians who hate, misinterpret and or bash the Catholic Church. I couldn't believe these were fellow Christians. But now, I am grateful to them. Their refusal to find out what the C.C. believes has made me look more closely at my beliefs to understand how I am to relay it to others. So thank you for this. I've come to realize: That like Christ Himself, the Catholic Church will continue to be persecuted, but will prevail as Christ has deemed it so. We are looked upon with the same animosity as the United States because of our generosity, might, strength, and uncompromising stance on sin. Other Christian denominations continue to behave like whining teenagers. "I don't like the rules", "It's too hard a religion", "I don't want to read and be educated, I just want to be told I'm right"...blah, blah, blah." That's how it sounds. I am grateful that 99% of Catholics follow Christ's teaching about being kind to others. I rarely hear a Catholic knock other denominations or religions. Perhaps, because we are confident in our truths that we just shrug and let the rest act like a pack of wolves before the Father. And a Catholic priest would never waste his time at Mass to knock another denomination. How unholy! Catholics have too great a reverence for God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to let the poison that other pastors spew touch our liturgy. Besides, these Catholic bashing Christians are doing the work of the evil one by trying to harm any of God's children who believe in the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Christ. We'll let God settle things...purgatory anyone?

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  • Misty
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    1 decade ago

    Because their entire religious beliefs and reason for being is based on being anti-Catholic. In order to be right, they must prove the original and True Church wrong. They can't do it, but that doesn't stop them from trying.

    And to Red_Head - Praying is not a form of worship. The word 'pray" means to ask or request...it does not mean to worship. It has come to be associated with worship because we also ask and request of God, but the word itself has nothing to do with worship.

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  • C
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    1 decade ago

    You see it right here!

    Don't you just love it when others tell you what you believe?

    So now Catholics hold Mary above Jesus???? That is a new one....

    And the Marian aberrations that call for prayer and for us to Love each other are Demonic?????


    The commandment "Thou shall not bear false wittiness" does not mean much to some people.

    Peace be with you all....

    Former Protestant....That does not hate Protestants.

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  • Jessa
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    1 decade ago

    It goes back a really long time to when the Catholics and Protestants split. Certain lies have been handed down for centuries now and alot of this is ignorance people just know what they have been told.

    Source(s): Catholic
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's easy. Plain and simple.

    When they ask a question such as "Why do you pray to Mary instead of going directly to God?"

    and I give them an answer "We do go directly to God, we ask Mary to pray for us. We don't pray to her instead"

    They ignore what the answer I gave was and pick someone who agrees with them over the truth and continue to believe the untruth.

    They don't want answers, they like to spread lies instead.

    I have no problem with Atheists because they just plain don't believe, it's the other denominations that I have the problem with because it's different therefore wrong in their eyes

    Source(s): Mim and the 2 above me who said the same: If we're wrong in asking people to pray for us then so are you. Silly
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  • Leela
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    1 decade ago

    The only thing that I can imagine (I don't know which country you live in) is that it's a backlash from when Catholics saw non Catholic christians as heathens.They believed that a heathen would be damned, and they could be quite hostile t'wards them.

    The fact that Catholic countries have beautiful grottos with statuettes of Mary which people go to and decorate with flowers.

    Alot of Italians and Irish pray to the Maddona. Then there's the "Hail Mary Mother of God, blessed art thou among women".

    I'm not knocking the worship of Mary , it actually dates back to pre-christian times when many peoples all over the world worshipped the feminine aspect of God.

    The only problem with the Catholic church is that it's corrupt!

    It was the Romans who tortured and Crusified Christ. Then when the Roman empire was falling and losing it's grip over the other european countries, Catholicism took control.

    Every head of state was obliged to cow tow to the Pope. They had to pay riches to the church. It used Christs name for it's own wealth and power. The early Popes had concubines who bore them sons who then took power as pope. The maffia mentality stems from this manipulative, hypocritical regime. The Catholic church has controlled the people for centuries. The Spanish Inquisition...the Crusades being notorious examples.

    The Vatican is an extemely wealthy, separate state. Above the law. It doesn't pay taxes. It wears a mask of charity, yet pediophile priests ruin childrens lives and there is an attempted cover up by the priesthood itself.

    Jesus got so angry when he saw traders using Gods Temple for commercial use.

    I don't mean to be rude with you.

    Most ordinary Catholics are God loving people.

    But the facts are there.

    Also it's not good to impose guilt and fear upon people the way the Catholic doctrine works. Origional sin etc. I've met alot of people who openly admit that they can trace their psychological problems back to a harsh catholic upbringing.

    Sorry I know it's hard to get bombarded with all this stuff.

    Take it or leave it. I mean you no harm.

    There's no need to doubt Jesus. He lives on in each and every one of us whether we attend church or not.

    It's a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff...that's all.

    Source(s): A book "The Vickers of Christ". "" "In Gods Name".by David Yallop Having lived near the Vatican. Knowing alot of Catholics from Catholic countries.
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