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Anonymous asked in TravelAir Travel · 1 decade ago

When are flight prices the cheapest? Are the prices likely to go down before summer?

Before Easter, some flights were cheaper, and now after Easter they've gone up. Are the prices likely to go back down soon-ish before the summer? I have no idea!


Gran canaria.

This july.

From Exeter.

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  • Pompal
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    1 decade ago
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    As a rule, nowadays, flight prices in the UK are at their cheapest when they are first released, and batches of seats are sold off at different prices. It may be possible, the nearer you get to your desired departure date to obtain some really good prices, to enable the operator to fill unsold seats. Xlair ( very often has such offers. Whether this availability extends to regional airports like Exeter, I'm not sure, but certainly does with Gatwick departures and maybe, in your case, Bristol.

    Something well worth considering in May and June, in particular, is the late deals on package holidays. At the end of May last year, I booked a holiday for my wife and I, to Tenerife, to travel 2 weeks later. The flight and accommodation in a 4 star hotel, cost a total of £139 each. This was far cheaper than one could obtain flights on their own for!! And what a fantastic bargain it turned out to be. This was with "". I was informed whilst in Tenerife, that this was their quietest period so maybe this applies to all the Canary Islands.

    For the future, I would recommend watching the websites of Easyjet, Thomsonfly & maybe, Ryanair and, if you are able to, book flights when they release them. Accommodation can then be booked at your leisure, from the many sites available.

    This site might be worth a look, as they will show the lowest "live" prices available at any given time -

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    By the end of Summer you should begin to look at prices, the low season approaches and not too many people travel to certain places . If you talk to your Travel Agent and tell her/him to keep an eye on a place of destination that you would like to go ,they will shop for a more affordable price or at times you could even put yourself on a stand by and at the last minute you might get a cheaper flight that way, but for this you must be ready to leave when they tell you to .

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It really depends on your route--wherever that may be in the world. Please add this important detail, and your travel dates if you can, and you'll get better-informed answers. I'll check back later to complete my answer for you.

    "Low season" and "High season" (or "peak" season) depends very much where you're travelling from/to. Since this is the "world-wide-web" and there are no restrictions on who posts on this forum, or from where, we need you to add your route(s).

    According to Thomsonfly, who already have fares set for the upcoming season, it does not look like it will get much, if any, cheaper for July. See here:

    Shop against and also with flights on EXT-LPA in July. might save you some time and help turn up the best fares, as well as which shows seasonal offers so you can see when it's cheapest.

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