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i need a first name to go with middle Maximus?

my husband loves the names Maximus. i hate it but said this is his child to and it can be the middle name. now what first name would go with Maximus?

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    Andrew Maximus

    Kevin Maximus

    Isaac Maximus

    Trevor Maximus

    Marshall Maximus

    Gabriel Maximus

    Connor Maximus

    Ian Maximus

    Evan Maximus

    Ethan Maximus

    Caden Maximus

    Ryan Maximus

    Dalton Maximus

    Kyle Maximus

    Bo Maximus

    Layton Maximus

    Hayden Maximus

    Jacob Maximus

    Parker Maximus

    Heath Maximus

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    Quinn Maximus

    Jack Maximus

    Ryan Max

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    matthew maximus

    michael maximus

    maurice maximus

    marc maximus

    mason maximus

    benjamin maximus

    steven maximus

    not crazy about maximus I would definately put it as his middle name and not first name

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    John Maximus

    Scott Maximus

    Mark Maximus

    Luke Maximus

    needs to be a one syllable first name.

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  • Ethan Maximus

    Noah Maxiums

    Andrew Maxiums

    Phoenix Maxiums i really like

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    Rheis or Reis because of the intensity of the middle you need a simple first name!!

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    my kitten was called maximus :)

    maybe u could call ur son whiskas maximus lol jk

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