How can i get motivated to work hard in school?

Since 8th grade i've always had C's or D's. After i came to high school i got motivated and work hard. So now a year later im a 10th grader now i lost the motivation, please tell me how can i get myself motivated agian. ( please no cheap answer)

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    ask them to pay you for all your hard work

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    The fact that you are asking this questions shows that you care and you do have the motivation in there- you just need a little encouragement.

    How about really thinking about what it is you want to do when you leave school- what grades do you need, how can you get there?

    The harder you work in school the better off you will be in the end- it will set you up for life.

    I wish I thought like you when I was in school- I just got by, didnt really put the extra effort in. I have always worked since I left school but I am not in a career that I love- I just have an office job and needed to work extra jobs here and there to pay my mortgage and bills !

    I think back to when I left 10 years ago and realise that if I would have thought about it all a little more and made a little more effort then maybe things would have come a little easier.

    Try to think about the future- it may seem like a long way off but it will fly around.

    Good luck. I know you can do it.

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    Hey Huey, I had a quick scroll down & everything has been covered pretty much. If you do get to my answer - here goes. DEFERRED GRATIFICATION. Work hard now & reap the rewards in later life. You do not want to be in a dead end job - you will be even more miserable than you're feeling now - I guarantee it. Talk to your parents, a teacher, youth worker. You may be in need of inspiration look out for positive role models. From my own life, my son is now nearly 19. At your age he was also in a rut, truanting (the school always described him as very polite! - a polite well behaved truant!) I had a long hard chat with him & got my brothers (good male role models) to do the same. This is your chance Huey. I know it is a cliche but look at the Third World/Developing countries where education is a luxury & kids are working like adults at a very young age. Again I have to say this is your chance, grab it firmly with both hands. Good luck.

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    I'm not sure you can. I enjoyed school things except for homework. It got worse and worse. Imade myslef do some work and some how got into Uni. UNi was better and I began to feel better about myself but I wasn't great . I hung in though always at the bottom of my class (Physics and Chemistry) and gradually found there were a few things which were interesting. I spent a lot of time in the library reading old conference proceedings. It was like hearing the big voices from the past, Einstein, Bohr, de Broglie, but it wasn't what I should have been doing. Never the less my position improved and I managed enough to do a Master's and a coupe of years later I had this external examiner telling me my PhD was distinguished .

    The message is that you should try to find something you are interested in no matter how odd. It makes work come to life. Believe in yourself. Don't put yourself down. I do wish I had worked harder earlier, I might have been better at maths, but in the end I managed. i) Try to hang in there and ii) Go for what interests you.

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  • kitkat
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    1 decade ago

    Charlene has the best answer. I did alright at school but could have done loads better. Because of my lack of enthusiasm I am now doing a rubbish job in an office working for people 10 years younger than me who are getting paid 3 times more than me. They went to university, got qualified and started their CAREER. I left school and got a JOB. There is a big difference between the two I can tell you. The sad thing is is that I will be doing exactly the same thing 10 years from now while they'll be going onwards and upwards. A good education gives you more choice and opportunities and opens more doors.

  • Jana
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    4 years ago

    There are a lot of things you can do as far as getting yourself motivated. For example: -Know that your education, your grades and the classes that you take are what make you get accepted to college. For a lot of the population these days, scholarships would come in handy. The better the student, the bigger the scholarship check. -Knowing this, consider how much farther you'll get in life, and how much more succesful you'll be if you graduate from college. As far as actually making the grade, you most likely already know how to study being that you said you used to be at the top of the classs. It might be helpful to you to make studying fun. Try: -Studying with a friend -Rewarding yourself for doing well -Budgeting your time well and not procrastinating so you aren't overloaded with homework and studying all on one day -Always keep in mind the benefits of working hard. You'll never regret studying and being succesful. You will however regret not being succesful. Good luck to you!

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    Hi Huey,

    Hang in there,if you need motivation

    1)Get a holiday job /weekend job in a factory working long hours for peanuts,

    (it worked for me, I did 1 hour of my first shift and thought oh s**t if I don't buck my ideas up this will be it for the next 40 years.)

    2)Walk around the nearest poor neighbourhood and consider your options, some people have no choice but to live there - may be you do.

    Good luck sometimes it seems hard to keep going and motivated but think of what lies ahead

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm 14 (in England) but I know what your going through. I worked my butt off to get into boarding school and I did managed it, but 2 years on I had lost motivation. But now I realise what I need is a goal. For me, that goal is to be a journalist and get whatever grades I need to get to reach that goal. But (I know is sounds corny, but for want of a better phrase) you need to find it within yourself. I know I am young and probably don't have a full grasp on how your feeling but what I would rec commend is, well finding something you want to do. Find a goal, something you really want and that should motivate you. I hope this has helped and wasn't just a huge monologue. And good luck and besides you should be alright, the fact that you want to work is a very good sign

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, you just have to really want to. Don't procrastinate. Take a look around you and see the choices that people with a good education have and don't close those doors by letting yourself get away with a second rate education. It doesn't necessarily follow that a mediocre education equals failure later but it narrows your options.

    So to get motivated - look at lifestyles that you'd like and work hard to give yourself the opportunities to like in a similar way.

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    Maybe ask the teacher if you can play some music for everybody to listen to to make the lessons more fun etc, and maybe make a deal with your parents - if you get this grade, you can go to this theme park or get this raise in pocket money etc.

    Also don't forget to make time to have fun, and drink plenty of water, get at least eight hours sleep. This will help you concentrate too.

    Another thing is say you want to be a racing driver, get a picture of your fave racing driver and put it in your planner or something. Then, whenever you start to feel un-motivated, look at that pic and think, thats gonna be me in a few years time if I get good grades!

    Good luck And Hope I Helped!


    Source(s): motivated 10th grader ;)
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    Theres an expression "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" find another outlet in addition to your studies. A hobby, sport or some interest. In this world we need to get these little bits of paper, people bandy stories about how they left school with no gcse's and maded millions but many if not all had a rich daddy to fund there start up.

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