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let's say all these movies were released in the same year?

lets say it is the 2007 academy awards


-No Country For Old Men

- The Departed

- Crash

- The Insider

- Gladiator

pretend that they all came out in the same year, which film would win?

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    No Country For Old Men still

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    Some people thought Crash was already overrated and No Country for Old Men sparked the anger of dissapointed audience members confused/angry at the ending. Gladiator made Yahoo's 10 movies that make high school history teachers everywhere cry list.

    I think Departed would win!

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    i really enjoyed no country for old men so i hope that that film would still win x

  • 1 decade ago

    the departed.

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    normally I'm really good at this...but I just realized I haven't seen a movie since I had a kid. I haven't seen any of sad....

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