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"Reputable" vs "scam" registries.?

I often see people referring to dog registries, saying the KC (or AKC in United States, IKC in Eire etc. etc.) are the only registrations worth having.

However in the UK - KC registration is being used quite extensively by some truly awful backyard breeders and puppy farms.

When challenged, people will claim (quite rightly) that KC reg is "just a registry, not a guarantee of quality". But then, aren't the other registries (United Kennel Club, Dog Lovers Registration etc) just registries too?

What makes the KC (or AKC, IKC etc) registry worth so much more than the other registries?


Just thought I'd make sure I keep a record of this before a numpty gets it deleted:

The AKC is the ONLY real /reputable registry in the US.

The current crop of FAKES will "register" MUTTS!!!....your mother-in-laws GOAT...if you pay em!

AKC will ONLY register PUREBRED animals! W/pedigrees that go back to ORIGINAL foundation stock of the breeds.

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    Put it this way - the Kennel Club has been in existence since the nineteenth century. Most of the "others" have been around 20 yrs max.

    Yes the KC does need to put its house in order regarding puppy farm registrations and it is making progress but, as they say themselves, the system is based on trust and is not a guarantee of quality. Quality is pretty impossible to quantify anyway. However if you buy a KC reg'd Yorkshire Terrier and turns out to be brindle, shortcoated and as big as an Akita, you do have some comeback - if the breeder is found to be dishonest (easier to prove these days with DNA), the KC can ban the breeder and you can sue the breeder and get your money back. If the same happens with another registry, you have no comeback.

    A KC reg. dog will have a traceable pedigree, going back many decades or at least back as far as when the breed was 1st introduced to the country - I can trace all my dogs ancestry back to the 1940s when they came to the UK and from that further back from their country of origin.

    If I had bought from another registry, I could go back to - wow- 1988??

    Actually, there are other registries - like the ISDS and some old working breeds who have their own that are worth something.

    Let's face it though, the only reason most breeders use "other" registries is because they are not eligible for KC Reg. At least the KC won't accept registrations from b1tches who have had litter after litter, are too young or too old to be bred from and their registrations details can be easily verified.

    It would be interesting to know how many dogs registered with others carry out the recommended health checks on their dogs in comparison with KC breeders - virtually none I would guess.

    You'll notice I don't mention any other registrations by name! They do keep an eye on these forums and say something derogatory about them and you are likely to get a very unpleasant e-mail!

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    Just because a canine is registered doesn't mean that it's a quality canine. Even the reputable registries are only as good as the breeders sending in the paperwork. Hopefully a registered canine will look like the breed that it's supposed to be. I have seen some AKC registered bichons that looked so much like a maltese that I wondered if someone didn't get the papers mixed up. I have also seen some AKC black German shepherd dogs that looked like they had some Labrador retriever in them. The AKC has gotten better since they have started requiring DNA testing before they register some of their litters but this is not done on a routine basis. I would like to see some photos be submitted for regular registration like is required for the ILP program. Granted it won't prevent cheating but it might cut it down. I believe that the UKC (United Kennel Club) does require a photo for registration. Ultimately the success and reputation of any registry is dependent on the honesty of the breeders registering animals with that registry.

  • Because with the others... all it takes to register a dog is a picture. Doesn't matter if it's your dog or not. I think Judgerz managed to get papers from the ConKC on her guinea pig Brownie...

    The AKC is the most reputable because the dog's parents have to be registered. It ISN'T a guarantee of quality, but it's the best we have. I'm not sure if you have to go through all the hoops to get registration with the UKC but it's a close runner up.

    I *personally* think that breed clubs should keep registries themselves and have some requirements of quality to register the dogs and then keep a collective in the AKC.... That's my big idea anyway.

    I *think* the ABCA (American Border Collie Association) does this, and although it's not an AKC breed the Shiloh Shepherd does this.

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    Any registration is not a guarantee of quality, however, it is a guarantee of the dog being purebred (provided you buy from reputable breeders).

    A registry is just that: a registry. They keep records. They are not the "breed-standard police", nor is it their role.

    The scam-registries require little or no proof a dog is of any certain breed to register it. You can register a rat as a chihuahua and they don't care. You'll still get your papers (which aren't worth the paper their printed on) claiming your pet rat as a chihuahua.

    Reputable registries do not allow unregistered animals to gain registry. Only animals that had both parents registered with either that registry or an acceptable foreign/domestic registry are eligible for registration.


    AKC is not the *only* reputable registry in the United States, however, it is the most popular. AKC and UKC are both reputable multi-breed registries.

    There are also numerous reputable single-breed or special registries, such as the American Border Collie Association, Field Dog Stud Book, National Beagle Club of America, National Greyhound Association, The Xoloitzcuintli Club of America, and more.

    The registries most people come across, however, like the APRI, APR, ConKC, ACA, etc., are all crap/fake/scam registries.


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    Basically Terrier, yes, the AKC is the only "Legitimate" registry in the US, as others have said.

    The others, CKC (Continental Kennel Club), APRI (America's Pet Registry, Inc.), etc. are all scam registries and will register a dog based on a statement from you and 2 side pictures. They will register Purebreds (Based on your word that "It's a Purebred") as well as "Designer" Mutts. That's why they're a favorite of BYB's and Puppy Mills here - If the animal has 4 legs and looks reasonably like a dog, it can be registered.

    While not to say that AKC doesn't have it's problems with BYB's and Puppy Mills, it's more common for them to use scam registries because it's an all around easier process for them.

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    The AKC isn't the only reputable registry in the US. UKC and ADBA have been around since 1898 and 1902 respectively. While the ADBA started off as American Pit Bull Terrier only, they are now re-open to all breeds as long as the dogs are cross registered with AKC, Canadian KC, KC (British), FCI, UKC, ARBA.

    No registry is a guarantee of quality. Their only job is to provide a genealogical record.

    Source(s): Have shown dogs in AKC, UKC, ADBAm and ARBA sanctioned shows over a 30 year span.
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    The history I guess - in the UK the Kennel Club has been around since 1873 and keeps records and stud book all the way back to then - if your dog is registered you take it's history right back - proof that the breed is 'true' and has no additions of another breed slipped in somewhere (in theory!)

    It is true that anyone with a registered dog and ***** can register puppies - so it's always best to visit the breeder (more than once and with no notice!) to see the pups with their parents prior to buying.

    They have an accredited breeder scheme too-which is not perfect but is a start http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/203

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    any of these organisation's do not guarantee the quality of the pups or breeders even the "Acredited Breeder Scheme" is not fool proof at the moment

    Only KC or AKC, IKC are only true pedigees with parents registered going back generations

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    No registry will guarantee the quality of the dogs or pups registered with them, and just because dogs are registered does not mean it is healthy or of quality breeding.

    AKC and CKC (Canadian) can only guarantee the lineage (pedigree) of a dog using the information provided by the breeder.

    A few other bogus registries used by pet shops and BYB and Puppymills:

    ACA (American Canine Association)

    APR (American Purebred Registry)

    CKC (Continential)

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