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question about engagement ring,please help

i am planning to buy an engagement ring,but my budget is very limited ($5000)

i want to know what choice do i have?coz i wont be able to buy the one with diamond for sure with my budget :(

is tiffany too cheap for engagement ring? (not the one with diamond)

the other thing is,im in canada,so please list some brand that is selling in canada too,thank you very much~

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    First of all,, i think you dun have to worried about whether the ring is too cheap or not!!

    I think the most important is the meaning of the ring!! As you said it is an engagement ring ,, every kind of ring is okay!! Dun care too much about the price.

    I think the girl would love it no matter what ring is it, as she love you not the ring,l, you know?!

    Anyway,, hope you can find a ring that you that is special .

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