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quesiton about engagement ring,please help

i am planning to buy an engagement ring,but my budget is very limited ($5000)

i want to know what choice do i have?coz i wont be able to buy the one with diamond for sure with my budget :(

is tiffany too cheap for engagement ring? (not the one with diamond)

the other thing is,im in canada,so please list some brand that is selling in canada too,thank you very much~

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    I dont have any list for you, but surely I think that an engagement ring should not be as expensive as your whole lifes savings! So please, dont get stressed so much! You should check on the Online Sites that there are on the internet, check out the whole collections of rings you can find on each Site of each Jewelry Store near you, then make a choice.

    There is no need for u to choose the most expensive one JUST because it is expensive! u better choose the one that looks better for u, the one that has catched ur eye and the one that made u think: That is the One!.

    There are a lot of good choices, just dont get stuck in money and open ur mind to make a better decision, ask yourself: Would she like it? Is it the one? Is it pretty or beautiful (must be beautiful)?

    Just make ur own list, place ur choices with their prices aside and then, choose the one that most fulfill u!

    Hope it can help u! Good Luck! ;)

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