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"臨床工作資歷五年想就讀研究所的原因是為了 提升專業自主性的能力拓展與應用專業知識於臨床實務學習如何應用學者理論為臨床個案計劃 個別性 完整性且連續性的護理以協助達成生理 心理 社會 與靈性的平衡。"

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    I have five years of clinical working experience.

    想就讀研究所的原因是為了 提升專業自主性的能力 拓展與應用專業知識於臨床實務

    I want to study in graduate institute because I want to improve my specialty; developing and practicing my professional knowledge.

    學習如何應用學者理論為臨床個案計劃 個別性 完整性且連續性的護理以協助達成生理 心理 社會 與靈性的平衡

    Also I want to acquire the ability to combine academicals theories and practical nursing of individuality, completeness, and consistency to achieve physical, mental, social, and spiritual balance.

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    The reason why the clinical seniority wants to study in the research institute in five years is expanded and use the professional knowledge to use studying on how clinical practice is studied for the ability to improve professional independence Person the theories planning being the specific the integralities and nursings of continuity in order to helping not lasting physiology society and the the balances of intelligence not psychological.

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