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請幫我翻譯到英文!!! 謝謝你!!











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    We all get trapped on the road sometimes in our lives. We may get sick , lose opportunity to get in good schools,make a lose on stocks......what's more is that our loved ones may left us without notice,those we helped may turn their face into some strangers, betray us ,totally forget that we actually helped them.

    We all meet people drive terribly on the road,meet people who cut into the line while we all line up waiting to buy just a cup of coffee, we even meet people who never wash their hand after going to the toliet.

    What do you respond for all these. The point is, what "attitude" we choose to respond.

    We can choose to hold a hope or be disappointed of all these matters.

    We can choose to tolerate all these or turn out to be angry.

    We can choose to be kind or mean.

    We can choose to let those matters go or calculate those to a clear figure.

    We can choose to be understanding or to resent.

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    We can meet a lot as one wishes thing in all one's life, from the illness, fail to enter the good school , stock and sustain economic losses, get serious thing , leave such as loved person we leave , feel grateful people that we help, return then betray .

    In addition, we every day can run into people that does not start according to the rule , buy coffee people that does not line up , finishing the person that does not wash hands of the lavatory .

    The key is our response to these, or say it is the attitude that we choose.

    We can choose to hope , or disappointed .

    We can choose to forgive , or angry.

    We can choose good will , or hate the poison .

    We can choose to put a horse of his , or investigate through to the end.

    We can choose to forgive , or nurse a hatred.

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