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sir patrick spens這首詩的翻譯

誰能提供sir patrick spens這首詩的翻譯


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    版大您好 不曉得是不是這個:

    Sir Patrick Spens

    Written by traditional arranged FC The King sits in Dunfirmline town, drinking of the blood-red wine

    "Where can I get a steely skipper to sail this might boat of mine?"

    Then up there spoke a bonny boy, sitting at the King's right knee

    "Sir Patrick Spens is the very best seaman that ever sailed upon the sea"

    The King has written a broad letter and sealed it up with his own right hand

    Sending word unto Sir Patrick to come to him at his command

    "An enemy then this must be who told the lie concerning me

    For I was never a very good seaman, nor ever do intend to be"

    "Last night I saw the new moon clear with the new moon in her hair

    And that is a sign since we were born that means there'll be a deadly storm"

    They had not sailed upon the deep a day, a day but barely free

    When loud and boisterous blew the winds and loud and noisy blew the sea

    Then up there came a mermaiden, a comb and glass all in her hand

    "Here's to you my merry young men for you'll not see dry land again"

    "Long may my lady stand with a lantern in her hand

    Before she sees my bonny ship come sailing homeward to dry land"

    Forty miles off Aberdeen, the waters fifty fathoms deep

    There lies good Sir Patrick Spens with the Scots lords at his feet.


    在Dunfirmline 城裡,國王坐再椅子上喝紅葡萄酒" 我能在那裡讓一鋼製船長啟航這可能我的划船? "

    "然後向上那裡講一個健美的男孩,坐在國王的右膝旁邊" 培特裡克‧斯 彭斯 先生是曾經在這個海上啟航"的最好的海員 國王寫一寬信並且把向上的它用他自己正確的話先生培特裡克焊接來他受命於他" 這一定是誰告訴關於我從未一好海員的謊話一敵人然後,也非打算"" 昨晚我用在是一個標誌的她的衣裡的新月亮看見新月亮清楚, 我們天生方法將有一陣致命的風暴"他們沒在深上航行一天, 日子但是剛剛響亮和喧鬧那些風和響亮和嘈雜炸掉在那裡來, 一梳子和玻璃所有人在她指標內"敬你一杯我歡樂年輕人給你將不再次看乾燥的土地" " 我女子與一燈籠在她看見我健美船來啟航給乾燥土地回家"的她內一起站朗 離阿伯丁,水50 英的40 英里 躺與蘇格蘭勛爵一起的好先生培特裡克斯彭斯在他腳




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