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a lot of people think that teenagers nowadays have a tough life as the face many challenges, such as the rising demand for a better-educated work force, high parental expectations and unemployment.

But i strongly disagree.

In the past, most families were poor and suffered from hunger. Also, many teenagers were poorly educated. Therefore, they could only work in factories, and earned a small salary.

In contrast, most of today's teenagers receive secondary education and have better job opportunities. they work in a safer environment, too, mostly offices. and they rarely go hungry.

In addition, there are social workers to help youngsters deal with problems. If they fail to get a university place, there are vocational training courses to help them prepare for the future.

In my opinion, present-day teenagers are much more fortunate than their counterparts from past generations. They should really treasure what they have and work hard for a better future.

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    The paragraph above states that teenagers in modern years are more fortunate than those of the old ages. Three supportive arguments are included. First, today’s teenagers live a better material life and have more chances to get education. Second, there are more supportive resources in the society. Third, they have a variety of alternations if they don’t go to college. Although these assertions are fact, I am opposed to the conclusion that today’s teenagers are more fortunate because the definition of fortunate is very subjective. One man’s meat is another’s poison. One can never tell if these facts presented above really make a teenager’s life easier. First, the improvement of material life may lead to a loose mind. Second, the efficacy of supportive system can be interfered by many reasons, such as family obstruction. The existence of social workers doesn’t lead to the conclusion that the life of youngsters have become better. Third, too many choices sometimes confuses one’s mind instead of make him go on the most suitable way as it was supposed to. Therefore, I would say that every generation has its own difficulties and problems to face and solve. None is more fortunate than the others.

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