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i have swirl marks my car.?

i have a black car that has swirl marks. it was this way when i brought it. what is the best way to remove the swirl marks? should i put a protectant on the paint before i have a high quality polish put on the car?

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    wash, if marks are still there, Mothers clay bar to remove old wax and contaminentes, Rewax, if that does not work your paint is screwed up

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    I had the same problem. The car was so shiny sitting out in the sun I couldn't see the swirl marks. Once I got it home and in the shade they were very obvious. I went back and all they did was polish the hood which really pissed me off because the swirls still show and the paint seems to get marked up so easy and I use all the best stuff and softest of towels. They told me I must have had a cat get on my car. I guess there are spinning cats in the neighborhood. That and really low gas mileage, and a really liar of a car salesman will make me never buy another Honda.

    Oh and they get those swirls when they wipe off the cars with dirty rags too. . .

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    Actually, swirl marks are usually caused by waxing incorrectly.

    And by incorrectly, I mean before all the impurities are gone.

    Black is one of the hardest colors to keep perfect. One of my customers had a beautiful Porshe 911 Carrera. I was literally sweating bullets everytime I had to wax that thing!

    Here are some tips:

    -Wash it THOUROUGHLY. Make sure you use a clean soft cloth and rinse it often. Sponges tend to collect the dirt and cause scratches like sandpaper.

    -DRY IT WELL-Get all the water off... the water spots are from mineral deposits left on the paint when the water evaporated. If you try to wax with these on there, you will also risk damaging the paint.

    -Do not wax in direct sunlight!! Or in temperatures less than 60-65 degrees.

    -Hand Wax... using the buffing machines will many times cause swirling and overheat the wax making it difficult to remove.

    -Use new spots on your wax applicator often. For applicators, I have always used multiple clean soft cloths for the pricy car colors or delicate colors.

    -Use multiple clean soft cloths to remove the wax, using circular motions.

    You can try using the Color Match Wax found at your local auto store, but I haven't had much luck with those. I've found that after waxing correctly, that over time the impurfections have gone away. I had to wax one car 4 times in one afternoon to get the shine and luster back after they decided to slide their groceries across the hood!

    I wish you luck!

    Source(s): Car Detailing for over 18 years
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  • 1 decade ago

    Purchase a clay bar. It will remove swirl marks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the swirl marks are very tiny scratches caused when washed,try,the colour match t-cut+polish, use very soft cloths and a bit of patience,and you'll get the paint work back to factory condition

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