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bonne belle lip lites which is better creme bulee or vanilla swirl???

i wanna get that pale look to my lips like nude look you know the really white pale pink look...i have brown hair/brown eyes olive skin but i'm not that's more of a fair olive like penolope cruz catherine zeta jones or rachel bilson...and i wear it with silver eyeshadow


i've noticed that the lip lites have changed so if they have please tell me and give me the newer version

and one more thing do they still have lip shake or no??

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    Go With Creme Brulee, Because It Will Compliment Your Skin Tone. Their Colors Are Awesome. I Love Their Products.

    Marks Also Has Products Too Called Juicy Gems They Are About The Same Colors They Are Cool Too.

    I Will Give You A Links Below For You To Check Out.

    I Hope It Helps You Out. Good Luck.

    Source(s): 1. (Bonnebelle Link, Plus Others) 2. (You Can Also Find A Rep Near You)
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    You sounds very stunning as is! I would go for the Creme Brulee as it has a more natural look to it. I think instead of using eyeshadow on the top of your lids, use it as a shimmery eyeliner on the bottom and a bit of black mascara on the top!

    Good luck :)

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    Creme Brulee, though you might also want to consider Spun Sugar too.

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