Were is the best place to rent or buy a scanner for the memorial day race at Lowe's??

will be a one time trip ,mite nead a extra set of head phones also.

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    I have my own that I bought at Radio Shack here in Texas and they have been real good if your going to buy one. I have heard them talk about the thing you can rent at the track by Sprint or Nextel(whoever) are really good. Im going to Texas in April for the Nationwide race and Maybe the cup race(still waiting to hear on that) and Im going to check them out. I will still bring my scanners from home too. The ones I have from Radio Shack are (Radioshack Pro-79 series) and it has weather and all that stuff too, plus I use it if I want to listen to the police or sheriff office band on there too. Good Luck!

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  • If the Radio Shack in your area has it I bought this scanner for the Vegas race with a splitter and extra headphones. Worked great.

    Instead of paying $5 for the scanner codes at the track you can pay $10 and let them program it for you.

    Have fun at the race!!

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    Rent them at the track or buy them from Radio Shack.

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    Get the Nextel thingy when you get to the track. I've not used one but I sat next to a guy who did, and he didn't even look up when there was a crash right in front of us.

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    There's a BUNCH of places there @ the track that rent them. Just make sure they're INSIDE the track or you may not see your $$ again.

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    Radio Shack and EBAY!!!!!

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    eBay. You can buy them for as much as you can rent them!



    They're $50 for a one day rental or $70 for a weekend.

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