Jehovah's Witnesses: in the book "What does the Bible Really Teach?"...?

...i notice that repentance and baptism comes after the taking in of knowledge and after preaching the Word by going door-to-door.

In the Bible, repentance comes first.

My question is: why does repentance and baptism come after the candidate has preached the Word door-to-door?

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    go to page 177 and under the subheading sharing bible truths with others paragraph 9 says you might begin to share bible truth with others by tactfully speaking about it to your relatives, friends and nieghbors, at this point, feel free to talk things over with the one who is studying with you to prepare you for the public ministry. If it appears that you qualify for the public ministry, arrangements will be made for you and your teacher to meet with two of the congregation elders...This enables them to see if you have basic bible teachings, are living in harmony with Gods principles and they let you know if you qualify as an unbaptized publisher, on the other hand you may find you need to make some necessary adjustments in your life-style and habits in order to qualify. This may include kept secret practices, you would need to be free of serious sins such as sexual immortality, drunkenness, and drug abuse. 12-- Repentence and conversion so maybe you got a little ahead of the reading it is all there in black and white. pages 177 and 178 suggest rereading those pages

    Source(s): What does the bible really teach chapter 18 FYI I never use time on computer as service time I get out on a weekly basis:)
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    It doesn't come after a candidate has preached from door-to-door. In the Jehovah's Witness organization, when a person has come to an obviously good understanding of basic Bible teachings, but has not yet been dedicated and baptized, they are permitted to engage in the door-to-door ministry as an "unbaptized publisher". The hope is that as they continue in their spiritual progress, they'll (sooner, rather than later) make that decision to get baptized based on their own knowledge and appreciation for Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible.

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    Actually, before someone can preach with JWs this person should have repented of his sins already and is in good standing and agrees with what the Bible teaches.

    You have to have the accurate knowlegde that Jesus is the Christ and Jehovah is his Father and do their will before you should preach. A person is only moved to repentance after gaining knowledge, for example after knowing that Jesus is the Messiah.

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    There are scriptual reason for all teachings of JW's. The "Bible Teach" book is no exception. If you notice, Jesus was not baptised until we was at a very mature age (around 30yrs). This is because the bible shows that baptism requires a person to fully understand its signicance. (Acts 2:41) A baby does not have the mental capacity to understand the significance of baptism. Jesus was not baptised as an infant of a child. A person has to 'learn' first what baptism represents, why it is neccesary, what responsibilities come with it, etc. This implies taking in knowledge of all those things and more. Matthew 28:19,20 mentions that Jesus followers were to baptise AND teach people to 'observe' all the things Jesus commanded. To 'observe' those commands, one would have to understand them, would they not? For example, we stop at 'red lights' because at some point we 'learned' what they represented. How can one fully understand what is required, if they have not taken in knowledge of those things? John 17:3 mentions specifically taking in knowledge of Jesus AND Jehovah. True faith comes from knowledge. Matthew 7:13 shows clearly that not ALL worship is acceptable. Therefore simply believing is not sufficient one must 'learn' and take in accurate knowledge in order to know how to worship God correctly. Matthew 6:9 show that we must make God's 'name' known or sanctify it, but how can one sanctify it, if they don't even 'know' what it is? Again that implies a taking in of knowledge. When Jesus was on the earth he did not simply say, "I'm Jesus, so believe in me." But rather he did works, he performed miracles, AND he 'taught' the people extensively about important things. If knowledge was not important or secondary, he could have simply spent all his time baptising the people instead of teaching.

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    You do have to repent before engaging in the ministry work. Even though you are welcome (and encouraged) to share what you're learning with your friends or family, you do not go door-to-door without first making sure that you are living according to Jehovah's standards as best as you can. There is a basic discussion that elders have with an individual to be sure that they are applying Bible principles before allowing them to publicly represent the congregation in the preaching work.

    Dedication and baptism come after you have shown (to yourself, to Jehovah, and to others) that you are ready to do just that - dedicate your life to Jehovah. But repentance certainly comes much earlier.

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    the bible says that is what you were ( gross sinners )...but you have been washed clean...and they seek a good conscience before first is the taking in of knowledge then it reaches your moves you to repentance and a new personality...only then after you know the truth and live by it can you go door to door in the public ministry. then after many questions you may be baptized .

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    If you have no knowledge of God, Jesus, and the bible, what are you going to preach?

    Without accurate knowledge, you could actually be teaching falsehood or lies.


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    You can not speak on what you don't believe , so how can you preach what you have not yet received , (the word of God) you must repent first and accept God as your Savior then he works though you and teaches you his word with his understanding not man's , Pray and fast and keep seeking his word in Christ Jesus and he will show you pray for understanding wisdom and knowledge he never fails.

    Source(s): I'm not Jehovah's Witnesses.
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    That is the book I am studying! Good for you. I am so glad to hear that you are studying that book too. What chapter is that and I will look it up. We just got done on chapter 7 on "Real Hope For Your Loved Ones Who Have Died".

    My teacher said "Jehovah God does the final judgment." We just got done on the resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous. Also we learned about the 144,000. Its getting excited you guys; just like I wish my study was 2 hours long. Let's share thoughts; you must be ahead of me.

    I looked in book and are you on chapter 18? You are way ahead of me!

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    I'm not exactly sure where you're reading that but the steps are:

    1)Accurate Knowledge



    4)Sharing truth with others



    Source(s): WT 06 4/1 PG.27 PP. 10,11
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