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Guys and girls! I need opinions..?

It's about shaving and/or trimming pubes. What do you other girls do? And what do you guys like? I know it differs with everyone, but I'm looking for popular opinion, which can avoid an awkward conversation with my virgin self and boyfriend. (I don't want to ask..)

Please be serious, I honestly need help, should I trim it? Shave it? I've already been trimming it, but yeah.

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  • Tom V
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    You should do what you like. I think fuzz is fun - a grownup should look grown up - but there can be too much of a good thing.

    It's your body, and he'll love whatever you share with him. If he doesn't, then you're sharing with the wrong kind of guy.

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    Whatever you're comfortable with.

    I know, that's the general answer that people give that doesn't REALLY answer anything, but it's the truth.

    Me, I trim. Shaving is too much hassle/razor burn for me, and hey.. most guys don't shave. Why should we kill ourselves for them?! We're already shaving our legs and our armpits!! ;)

    But really, your boyfriend shouldn't care either way, if you're nervous about what he'll say. It's totally normal for you to have hair there, and if he's weird about then.. well.. he's weird!

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    Shaving is always good. Just make sure to shave in the direction the hair grows to avoid ingrown hairs.

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    Well, what i do is because I love my boyfriend and like to keep him happy...

    I have a trim, almost a shave but i put little designs in it. lol.

    Like hearts and swirls and stuff. It's kinda weird but hey, it keeps him happy.

    And if your gonna do it DO NOT USE A REGUAL RAZOR.

    Use a trimmer.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you shave it you could get ingrown hairs and it gets so itchy. Trimm it to keep it tidy and if you do want to get rid of the hair wax it dont shave it. Waxing lasts longer and doesnt itch or produce ingrown hairs?


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    don't shave it if you intend on having sex. it's purpose is to keep your labia (lips) from chafing when repeatedly rubbed. it also helps to keep dirt out. i keep mine closely trimmed and the edges neat by waxing.

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    i trim it really short, dont shave it cuz it hurt really bad

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    i shave it. i have been doing that since...idk forever and im only 14 lol. but yea its up to you really. i just think its annoying if i dont. but to you it could be different! and thats okay. just do it when your ready. everyone is differentt =]

  • 1 decade ago

    Trim, I would not go with the Hitler look!

  • 1 decade ago

    I would think shaved clean...Dont really like in my mouth. lol but Seriously yea shaved.

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