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The more I read the Bible, the more absurd it gets. I'm losing my faith. I want to believe, but I just can't

Is there anything I could do to help restore my faith?


†Ne¡p∂§: Yeah, FOUR days ago. A LOT has happened in the past four days.

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    Honestly, I think that you should look into the Quran and learn about Islam.

    Don't just believe all the stereotypes, there must be a reason why it's the fastest growing religion in the world, right?

    Islam does not mean terrorism. Islam is the religion of peace. All you have to do is learn about it with an open-mind, not trying to attack it.

    I wish you the best.


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    True faith requires an underlying basis of knowledge, and such knowledge makes the things promised by God become as real as though they were beheld. Faith is, therefore, something that can be acquired. It follows the reading and hearing of things pertaining to God and his wonderful purposes for mankind. As the apostle Paul puts it, “Faith follows the thing heard. In turn the thing heard is through the word about Christ.”—Romans 10:17.

    As your faith increases, your Bible reading will become more fruitful. Why? Because your “expectation of things hoped for” will become more “assured.” This might be illustrated by a new friendship between you and another person. As time passes and you get to know the person better, your confidence in that one grows. Finally, after living through many situations in which your friend has never let you down, you come to put implicit trust in that person. If he or she writes to you, you know how to get the spirit of what is meant. Even if a sentence is not too clear, you know the person so well that you have no difficulty in grasping the thought. You read that friend’s letter in a trusting way, not with suspicion.

    Similarly, the more you get to know the Bible and its Author, Jehovah God, the more trust you will have in both God and his Word. Even some episodes in Bible history that may seem difficult to understand will not shake that trust. For instance, even if the reason for drastic action by God against some person or nation is not immediately apparent, you will have confidence that it was necessary. It is much the way you might say of a trusted friend: ‘Well, if he did that, there must have been a good reason.’

    Of course, your faith in God will be strengthened if you can find the reason why he acted in such a way or why he sometimes appears to delay in acting against the wicked. But you may need help. That brings us to another important aspect of fruitful Bible reading.

    The Need for Help

    It is an excellent thing to read the entire Bible. At the rate of one chapter a day, it would take you over three years to get through both the Hebrew and the Greek Scriptures. If you read three or four chapters a day, it will take you about a year. However, to get a general idea of what the Bible contains, you might start with Psalms and Proverbs. Then go back to Genesis, Exodus, and First Samuel before moving on to the Christian era, with Matthew, Acts, and a few of the letters written to the early Christians, such as Philippians, James, and First or Second Peter.

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    When you read the bible, you must know what you are looking for. The bible has no power without prayer. You have to pray for guidance and ask what you want to find. The bible stores account of God's communication to human. Because its an old writing, modern people always questions its existence. Even if proofs are given, people will always question and further ask for more proof. Unless one has been there, no one could ever prove for sure its existence. Same as anybody who was born without pictures being taken. There are limitations to the means of proof during those times. Those stories in the bible are interrelated. Even Jesus was prophesied too many times in the old testament centuries before He was born.

    It may seem absurd its because our modern norms are revolutionized. A lot of things have been created to make life easy and new norms have been developed. One must condition oneself that by reading the bible, you have to adjust to the times when it was written. So that you will understand why those thoughts are spoken and its circumstances. But what is really basic in faith... is self sacrifice... finding the truth takes time and patience... but the bottom line of self sacrifice contrary to what we believe... is the feeling of great joy...

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    I used to be just like you, i was the best Catholic there was, i never cursed, i always did good for others and myself. Then when i hit 7th grade, it all hit me at once. My family was slowly dying, my grandfather got murdered, and i thought god would save him, but he didn't, he died a terrible death. It made me think that everything i ever believed in was a fairy tale. If there truly was a god, there will be no suffering at all. Cause all the people who done wrong would of died long ago, and the good will live on. This doesn't make me a bad person, cause i still do good for others and myself. But i curse, i have sex, masturbate, party real hard with others. According to the bible, you can't do none of those. So that makes any person a hypocrite who follows into that. and i'm sure most of them do what i listed above, a true Christian will do none of those, so therefore i'am not worthy, and i admit that, most don't. That's another reason why i don't follow any religion cause i'll be a hypocrite, and i can't live like that. I rather do right, live for life's pleasures, gain knowledge and wisdom from all cultures, etc. I tried to restore my faith, but i failed, though i don't regret it, i never felt so free. Cause there is too much bad, and nothing is being done, i realized that you got to be constructive with life, not pray to someone hoping it will get better, it won't, you have to do it yourself, you got to take your passion and make it happen. If i tried to commit suicide, and i was alone, who is gonna save me? no one, but if it's someone that means the world to me, he or she might stop me from killing myself, cause of there emotions. If someone pulls a gun to my head, is god going to come down and stop the bullet from entering my head? nooooo, only way i could live though it, is if i took action when the time is right, you see what i mean.

    Source(s): Listen to your conscience, it doesn't make you a bad person. If i die, i won't go to heaven or hell, as i'am thorn between the light and dark. Then again, no one knows what will happen.
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    It seems that your eyes are beginning to open. Why would you want to go back? Faith dosn`t need the scripted words of the bible. Faith is already in you. You already know right from wrong,,good and bad. It was embedded in you at birth. If you need faith,,look inside yourself. It`s there.Some may try to tell you that they must "guide" you, but as history as shown us these 'leaders' aren't leaders at all. They are crusaders of a of an ideology that has no prove. They use this concept for their own monetary gains. (nwo) Trust in your self.You know right from wrong without somebody screeching in your ear to follow them into a place of absolute delusions. good luck :- hope that you find the truth to help ease your soul .

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    Bear in mind that the Bible is a collection of books and letters – an attempt by Bronze Age people to understand and connect with the God that created them. You’ll find all kinds of things in there – absurdity, cruelty, kindness, charity, mystery, and compassion – precisely because these things are all part of the human experience.

    As such, the Bible can be no more than the tool you use to understand our ancestors and their relationship to God. You can use the wisdom you find there when you step beyond the book and search for God yourself.

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    Oh man it is absurd I just feel sorry for them little brain washed ignorant folks who don't know a fairy tale when they hear it.LOL

    Come on MAN a man born by a virgin woman LOL yea right where did it come out at her ahole. Xtianity is just the worship of MAN. It is the purest sense of male ego out there well right along with the other 2 fairy tales Islam and Judaism. Man there is no white bearded man look down from a thrown saying u r good and they r bad. How stupid is that? Nothing is required of us and there will be no reward or punishment except that which you put yourself through daily. Enjoy the freedom from such a stressful childish behavior. My gods better than your god it is all just down right stupid.All you have done is started facing reality with common sense without all the theatrics.All religion is Is mental and emotional entertainment for those who need a crutch to get through life. Enjoy the freedom!

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    Study the Bible with people who know more than you. The Bible can be like reading Shakespeare to many people. You need insights into the concepts in the Bible. You need to know the writings in a historical context. Too easy to give up and forget it. Take a slight break and then start fresh.

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    Read the Book of Mormon . It is more entertaining , and gets right to the good stuff . But don't join the Utah Mormon Church . Join the Remnant Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints of Independence , Mo. ( providing they are still keeping all of Jesus' teachings ) . Find them on the web , search . Or write me @ P.O. Box 14 Independence , Mo. 64051 . Read Isaiah 18 about the land shadowing with wings , where God shall take His rest and dwell . And read Isaiah 29 : 11-24 about the sealed book to come forth when the rains shall return to Israel in the 1850s .

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    I am a Christian who read the Bible from beginning to end, The only thing I truly believe in the bible is that Jesus died for us and that the main commandment is to love one another, I have read 1000 books, I take from them what rings true to my heart and leave the rest. You dont have to read the Bible or be any certain religion for God to accept you, just believe that God created you and do the best you can in this world. If you really want to get deep look into books on reincarnation. By the way I'm not talking about coming back as a dodo bird, I believe people make back to live lives as different people, but we always have the same soul and we learn and grow from each life until we reach what is called Christ Consciousness. Do not loose your faith, God is the only real thing, you just have to find the right path for you!! pray and he will open doors for you to understand.

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