Would anyone with a compassionate heart tell me what you think of this poem?

For many moons my people stayed

We were hunting people, unafraid,

No other tribe would dare to fight,

Take arms against Arapaho might.


Many buffalo roamed the endless plain,

Mighty herds, for few were slain,

Our chieftans lived in awesome fame,

Until the day the whiteman came


Howling wolf, our leader bold,

Heard of the tales that were being told

By other tribes from far away,

That whiteman only comes to slay.


Once many tribes lived on this land,

From the cold dark north to the rio grande,

People living hand in hand...

Apache, pawnee and the sioux,

But soon their tribes became too few,

When the whiteman came


And now the soldiers come with guns,

Rape our women, kill our sons,

Give us whisky, take our food,

Their minds are crazy for our blood.


Now you ask me to lay down my bow,

And follow the great white chief,

What makes you think i'd stoop so low,

As to listen to the words of a thief.


My people are strong, but their hearts are sore,

And into the flames they've stared,

The manitou says there must be war,

And no whiteman shall be spared.


Now hear this, oh great white chief,

In years to come you will share our grief,

This land you stole and made your own,

Was not meant for you alone.


All I know about the the poem, is it was written by a man whose grandparents were Scottish,

I thought it was beautiful, and I have a good friend who is Native American I will send it to her as well.

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    1 decade ago
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    This is a beautiful piece... kind of makes me feel ashamed to be white, but I still have sympathy for the Native Americans.

    Question: do I have your permission to re-post this in one area? As a sort of memorable thing... I like to collect gems :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Interesting Poem I seen it before

    It show Indians at Whiteman are sore

    Not all the Whiteman are the same

    Whiteman yes some are to blame

    But to Blame all Whiteman is very lame

    Yes to You Indians it's a crying shame

    The Betraying Whiteman that came

    Some do make amends as their ashame

    They want The White to have better name

    Yes this change much too late it came!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is truly a very well flowing and written poem with much emotion attached to it!! It is brilliant in one sense, but; I fear that when I read it and make sense of it's meaning....dare I say?? It sounds like there is still a lot of animosity and unforgiveness along with perhaps a sense of hostility towards what the white man has done to your people some years ago, thus; continuing this blame onto those who had nothing to do with what had happened at that time in the past! And therefore, the continued feed of racism will nonetheless be forevermore until you or your people have either wiped them out or taken revenge upon ALL white man for what has happened in the past! Instead of moving on in the future and trying to connect with each other as human beings, loving one another in harmony and peace?

    I don't mean this in any bad way what so ever! But, I am only giving you what some may see this poem as an act or a thought process of!? And "Yes!" I could be very wrong and it could be just a poem...but...I don sense more because a poem does come from the heart! I guess in a way what I am trying to say and make sense of is that unfortunately, for the "frenchmen" who were "white men" did a take over of a culture by means of force and possible "genocide", thus; making it so very wrong!!! But, where does this racism and hate for what was done end for the forgiveness and healing to begin?? Especially, when the reminder is always the enevitable!? When will or can we move on? I mean I am part native as well, but; my life is too short to have to forever live in the past and reflect upon what has happened in the past! I need to move on and have a hope for the future and to take each day as it is...day by day!!

    I wish you luck with your heart and soul! And I wish you to be able to one day find peace within, because only then will you be able to find peace with other's!! And this will take some time I am assuming, for I don't know your age!? But, all the same...my prayers whether you believe or not I do not care as it is my belief...and again my prayers go out to you!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are very talented if you wrote that poem, however I do not like the content. The white man in many instances kept the indians from starving. The indans killed and scalped the white people, they made captives sit on sharp stakes that were thrust up their anus until they died a horrible death from pain and bleeding, thats one of the milder tortures they used on white man and women. Those tribes you mentioned even killed each other off, they were not all lovey dovey hand holding buddies. They stole and burned everything they could get their hands on. How did the indians get this land in the first place?

    Source(s): I come from a long line of pioneers on my mothers side of the family, which started in England and Ireland. I have some true family stories that could turn your hair straight if its curly, or if its curly turn it straight..
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  • 1 decade ago

    That is some truth and a lot of lies!!!!!!!

    Like all the Indians were just having a "nice peaceful cookout" when the white man came here!!!

    There WERE wars and fighting among the various Indian tribes LONG before the white man showed up!!!

    Like ANY people Anywhere, there were some good ones and some bad ones.

    To "stereotype" all of any group of people as all behaving a certain way is just plain wrong, and prejudice..........any way it is "labeled"

    I am NOT defending any actions or any group of people anywhere, as we all are responsible for our own individual actions, no matter who, what, where, or why!

    We are ALL flawed Human Beings! We all have our good AND bad qualities..................

    Source(s): JESUS is the ONLY Perfect one! Jesus IS The Way, The Truth, & The Life!!!!!!! The Bible is life's "Direction Book"
  • Lynn
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    1 decade ago

    This was a very touching and poignant poem that touched me. The small amount of Cherokee that my family has, is

    just enough to feel the sorrows of those who went before us

    well over 200 years ago. During my fathers' time, it was

    shameful to admit to ones' indian heritage. And worse for his

    father before him. Suddenly in our era, it is OK and even

    fashionable to admit to someone having indian ancestry. And

    as the blood lines diminish and disappear, one wants to cling

    to what little there is to hold onto, and feel the pride of their people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is a very well thoght out poem and is ver ywell written. This poem has a lot of potential to go far in competitions etc.

    Very well done

  • 1 decade ago

    this is so beautiful, and touching...and the sad truth of a people who once ruled this land

    ty for sharing this poem...i'm reading a book about the Native Americans..and this gave them a voice :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are correct. Human history is something that we should all be ashamed of. However, it goes on!!! The suffering at the hands of unfeeling imperialists continues; unbounded unparallelled suffering and hardship in a society that we call civilization.

  • Tango
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    1 decade ago

    It's a fantastic poem about the native American Indian tribes.

    Beautifully thought out and delivered, it's very good.

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