Spiritually speaking, if you could cure one person of one ailment who would you cure and why?

Myself I would cure my daughter of the bipolarity she was cursed with. She can be the most wonderful, thoughtful, compassionate child, then when she goes through her "episodes" she is more likely to tell you she hates you, make every bad decision possible and at its worst bring physical harm to herself and those around her.

By curing this one thing it would cause many other ongoing problems to work them selves out.

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    I think I would cure Kerilyn of the esophageal cancer she is dealing with. Freeing her of all the hardship this is currently putting her through is reason enough to want to cure it.

    ((((((Peace Yo)))))) ((((((Lydia))))))

    Fantastic answer, Peach! ((((((Peach))))))

    Edit: Yes, Joey, definitely. Thank you, Rammie.

    (((((((Joey))))))) (((((((Rammie)))))))

    I love you, Kerilyn


    And Eagle Woman's son, too; yes, he is on my prayer list(I pray, yes) and her arm, too. Much love to them both.

    ((((((Eagle & Son))))))

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    I would cure my sister of her biopolar as well.

    There are (or I shoud say were) times that she would be the most wonderful, caring creative person. She was my best friend.

    Through the years she has gotten so progressivly worse and she will not even seek treatment.

    2 years ago she hit rock bottom I supppose when her and her kids were staying with me and she quietly slipped out the back door, leaving her kids behind.

    To make a long story short it isn't so much the fact that now we have six kids to raise that bothers me; its that I lost my best friend...thats what hurts the most.

    The thing is she is still in town and I hear about her all the time.

    LOL through possibly some cosmic force I have yet to see her myself, luckily. I am filled with such pain and anger over her it is probably better that way.

    However Sunday we went to get a family portrait done at Wal-Mart (all 8 of us) and my sister was there. My oldest son was taking her youngest to the bathroom and they saw her. The thing is she turned around and saw her daughter and ran.

    I will never understand how a mother can actually run and hide from her own child.

    *On a side note these are the questions that keep me coming here. The ones where we can share on deepest sorrows and our greatest joys...our spiritual journey so to speak. I have been getting violation notices on roughly 50% of my questions and I was prepared to come in here today with guns blazing! This however was the very first question I saw...

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    Blue.... I feel ya hun. There are many people that I know and love that have health issues. I grew up within a very sickly family, so I'm no kin to it. But my children are my everything.... so if I had to choose it would be my 2 boys. They are 8 & 6; the 8 year old has Asperger's, (mild form of Autism), both boys have ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Disorder, with the 6 year old being on the Bipolar side of it. Do I have a problem dealing with it? Absolutely not...... That's what parents do. I just wished for their sakes that I could do more.

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    If I could cure.

    I guess, the world

    I know it's really lame to ask that when so many here have great needs and are living with such debilitation. My sister is deaf in one ear and just getting over an infection in the other. She's afraid she'll lose her hearing entirely. My mother-in-law has been diagnosed with Lupus for our entire marriage (20 years) and was supposed to be dead 17 years ago. I honestly don't know what's keeping her going. One time after another, healers have come to us and I have watched them work, as if this was a daily occurrence and healers come to everyone whenever they need them. Am I naive, as my husband constantly tells me? I could not believe that the Dalai Lama's Medicine Lama lives in our town. What is that about? Would you go to a healer if someone told you there was one to go to? I'm torn in 1/2 everytime I hear about one. 1/2 of me thinks this is a crazy person who is trying to get...what? some kind of ego thing? some kind of money? and the other 1/2 of me hears them and wants to believe that they can do these things, and strange things happen. I usually shut up and say nothing, and go along cautiously. Every single one of them took neither money nor asked that we tell anyone about them. I ended up wanting to protect them and regretted not getting to know them better.

    Personally, I have always been a strong person, both inside and out. I have never needed to be healed, either physically or spiritually.

    I strongly believe that with more courage, we could turn to our own family members who are suffering afflictions, lay our hands on them and say: "Be well. Be whole. Be at peace." But we come up against the wall of our own making. The wall that has a huge sign on it saying: "Others are watching you." "Others will whisper about you." "Others rule you life."

    When will we break that wall down? T_T

    I will ask no less than the cure of the world.

    Source(s): Thanks Jack for pointing the way to this question.
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    1 decade ago

    Does Mr. Hawkings suffer from a curable ailment? I'd pick him, or someone in medical research that found a cure for illnesses, and could find more if cured.

    People touch the lives of so many others, this is such a mind bender/twister - to think of one person from the planet that could help the most.

    Would you mind if I say a small prayer for your family?

    I would never have know any of the people I care for here - were ill if not for this question. How dense am I not to know any of this? I am so amazed. I'll pray for every person I ever noted here in R&S harder now that's for sure.

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    I don't even know what to say These answers so touching and Blue I am really sorry for your daughter alot of Bipolar in My family. I've lost 4 family members in the last five yrs.3 complication of drugs/drinking and 1 of Aids.the rest of My family is ok. So I will say your daughter, Jack,and his loved ones here.I can Put you all as one because you are all close friends and have a deep luv for each other that is so evident here. I cheated My way to to make one. But I feel for everyone here.

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    Blue I am so sorry to hear of your daughter's affliction I understand that it is hard for your family as well as for her to have to endure this pain.

    It is so sad that mental illness still has a stigma attached to it in our society, it is changing however and for this I am so grateful that my friends and others that have this diagnosis have more acceptance,compassion, love and understanding in our communities.

    I wish for your daughter to get better as well, Medical Science is advancing and hopefully soon there will be a cure.

    I feel so selfish and my heart heavy to have to pick only one person, I know that I will have to choose my mother.

    I would wish that I could cure her of the many ailments that she has suffered and others that still afflict her and ravage her body till this day.

    I long for her to be able to participate in life more, the very thing that she appreciates and loves most. I would ask the medical team to cure this person that I most love and has managed in spite of her many difficulties to set a great example to live by, always loving and generous, with an inquisitive and curious mind.

    I really wish Blue that no one had to suffer in this world, perhaps, upon reflection, this is what gives us the knowledge and ability to appreciate better the people around us and renders us more compassionate and loving, I don't know, it really does seems unfair for our loved ones and friends to have to suffer so.

    Your question is such a great one to have proposed and I thank you as it has given us the ability to learn that we are not alone.

    I myself have learnt of others that I care for on this forum who are experiencing hardships and pain and still others that are facing their demons and trying to battle their own war with the aliments that afflict either themselves or the people in their lives that they hold dear.

    I hope and wish for everyone to get to know and help each other or at the very least be more compassionate and understanding, we may seek solace and comfort if need be in this community we know as YA Answers.

    I think that your question may render our knowing more about each other, once again I thank you ((((Blue)))).

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    I am bipolar, not as severe as your daughter it appears. There are a lot of treatments your daughter can use. Finding the right one takes a lot of time and patience.

    On the upside, bipolarity can bring with it certain gifts, often times creativity and passion. Depression also helps one see and empathize with others. It can be used.

    My answer: I would cure Jack B.

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    It's a toss-up. I'd want to cure my friend K. of her back problems, and I'd want to cure my friend D. of her mental condition (whatever it is. It was misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder).

    K. lives in constant pain, and she is allergic to just about every drug on the planet. When she undergoes surgery, she has to use self-hypnosis--and she can do that because the pain of surgery isn't as bad as what she has to live with daily.

    D. I think would just plain be a lot happier without the mental illness going on.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Wow, my friend Dennis, partner of my best friend Eric, would be my first choice. Dennis has HIV/AIDS, and is rapidly declining. There are times when I hold him and try to force some of my energy on him, and if I could, I'd cure him and others just like him.

    What a great question; I will be praying for your daughter and all the rest.


  • Mr. E
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    1 decade ago

    My heart goes out to you. I know 2 paternal twin girls about 10 years of age. One has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and the other one is normal. It is heart wrenching to watch the one afflicted get progressively worse and struggle to keep up while her sister is completely normal. It won't be long until she is in leg braces and then of course a wheel chair. I'm a Christian but have to admit that I have no answers to things like your child or the situation I have described. I makes me angry to watch and I cannot imagine what you are going through. If it does not offend you, I will keep your daughter in my prayers.

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