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Alaska cruise with no set meal schedule or assigned meal seating?

Does anyone know which cruiseline (destination Alaska) that doesn't tell you when to eat and where to eat? It's annoying to follow any set schedules, so i'm looking for a cruise with "restaurants" that do not operate under any set schedule (or assigned seats for that matter). Thanks!

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    What you are looking for is Norwegian (NCL), which offers Freestyle dining. Each ship has several restaurants, and there is no set dining time. You are not assigned a table and you can choose to eat by yourself or share your table with other (I always like to share - but that is still a choice made by the passenger, not the cruise line).

    Here is a link to Norwegian's website ...


    NCL will have three ships in Alaska this summer, the NCL Sun, the NCL Star and the NCL Pearl.

    Enjoy your cruise.

  • celena
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    Almost every cruise line now has at least 3 choices for dinner. There is the traditional fixed time and table dining. There is dining like in a restaurant where you just arrive between certain hours. Both of these have the same menu and you choose when making your cruise reservation. Then there is the buffet that sometimes runs 24 hours a day. You can go there no mater what your dining choice was. There may also be speciality dining where you pay an additional fee. ₪ ʎəɿʞɹɐq ₪

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    Most of the cruise lines have multiple dining choices, although the ones I've been on all have the main dining room assigned seating and times. (But you can eat in other parts of the ship as well.)

    Have you been on a cruise before?

    Really, the assigned dining works out okay. You get to know people you wouldn't otherwise have met, which actually is a lot of fun. My wife and I on our first cruise wanted a private table, but instead were with 4 other couples, and it was fabulous. After that, we always asked to be part of a big table.

    Dinners usually aren't at times with competing activities, so having a fixed time works out okay. And if it doesn't work for you some particular night, skip dinner in the main dining room and enjoy some of the other choices.

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    Both Norwegian Cruise Lines and Princess Cruise Lines offer this type of service on a regular basis. Royal Caribbean and Holland America are testing this out with certain ships in that region right now.

    Of the first two lines, Princess is more experienced with Alaska. They have a better offering than Norwegian.

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    princess cruises has a buffet around the clock like all the other cruises, but the dinning room on the princess has early and late dinner as well as anytime dinner. But you may sometimes have to wait up to a half-hour for a seat with choosing the anytime dinner.

  • Norwegian is only one of the three (3) cruise lines that offer "dine any time at dinner" on your cruise. Princess also has that option and its called "personal Choice Cruising" and Holland Ameirca also has it and its called "As you Wish" dining for dinner. Allthree cruise lines also haev "specialty" restaurants that are in addition to the regular dinig room. These specialty restaurants all require a fee to eat and you will be required to make a reservation for them.

    So you have three options:


    Holland America


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    We just went on the Norwegian Pearl in November for the first time with anytime dining and I have to say we LOVED IT! We didn't do any tours this time so I guess it was easier to get to dinner earlier but it worked out so well for us.

  • Anonymous
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    Zef H is right. NCL is convenient and based on talking to a lot of ncl passengers, norwegian pearl was considered best of the line.


    Majestic Gems


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    Princess has what they call anytime dining and that is just what it means. Also the food in the buffet court is the same as what they serve in the dinning room, just not fancy looking.

    Source(s): I have done 8 cruises all with Princess and Alaska was my favorite. Enjoy
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    You can eat all over the ship.


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