From all Anime and Manga releases in Japan, about how much of that media gets translated and dubbed for U.S .?

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    i am assuming that when you say "translated and dubbed for U.S." you mean two things: subbed and dubbed; not just translated with dubbs.

    I dont really think thats an easy thing to calculate because alot comes out and some is doujinshi (usually unoffical, or even fan made). Overall alot of anime does get fansubbed, while less gets offically translated. Even less anime gets dubbed, i would say its actually a very small amount (looking at the limited anime that is on channels such as cartoon network/adult swim). As for manga, i think a little more than half gets subbed because there is alot of doujinshi and hentai (yaoi and yuri included) comes out of japan. and obviously manga cant be dubbed (i dont think! ~lol~)

    Im not sure anyone can give you real numbers but there really is alot of anime and manga coming from japan, while not all of it can be translated.

    anyways i hope my broad speculations helped to answer your question

    **edit: as for anime and manga getting licensed: when it is licensed it becomes basically illegal to fansub or distribute it for free, but often it still happens. after being licensed it will sometimes then be officially translated for other countries such as the us.

    so basically alot of illegal distribution is going on, but im not complaining *big grin* ~lol~, but that is what allows for most of the anime and manga to reach the USA (since less manga and anime is offically translated and sold legitimately)

  • ktrb
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    Only a fraction is licensed for US release. The major series are very likely to be picked up, but most of them won't be. Look at it like this: a huge successful US series like "Lost" will be picked up for foreign broadcast, but a program with lower ratings (like, I don't know, "Men In Trees") is unlikely to be shown in other countries. It's very expensive to buy the rights and then translate and dub something, so only the most popular shows will be chosen.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Probably something like 5% or less. Most of the anime I have seen are fansubbed and only that percentage are translated and dubbed that I've seen.

  • 1 decade ago

    pretty much all of them gets translated... thats what i think

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