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i got an electabuzz holding electrizer but i want 2 evolve it ,so can some1 trd me so it can evolve?

when it evolves ill give u a legendary for my electrivire bak but tell me which legendary u want thats if i have the one u want

my fc is Pedro:4453 8920 2754

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    I've heard this works, but I'm not sure.

    Put your Electabuzz up for trade on the GTC, offering it for a ridiculous Pokemon that no one would agree to trade for it. (like a Level 100 Mew) Then put another Pokemon up and actually trade it. (It doesn't really matter which, maybe a Level 3 Pidgey for a Level 2 Ratata)

    After you trade the Pokemon (you get the Ratata), take your Electabuzz off the GTS, into your party. It should evolve into an Electivire if it's been holding an Electirizer.

    Again, this is just what I've heard.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if you tell me how i can get the security on my wifi connection toi connect to the ds ill do the trade

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