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Well Cub fans, Kerry Wood is your closer for now. Happy or upset?(Others feel free to comment)?

Wood was named closer over Carlos Marmol and Bob Howry. Ryan Dempster is now the #4 starter in the rotation, with Jason Marquis in the #5 spot. Smart decisions by good old Lou to make these moves or will it backfire? What are your thoughts?

Update: Theres the story if you're interested

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    Not even as a Cubs fan I'm horribly upset. The closer should be able to shut the game down in the 9th inning. Well last I checked, Wood couldn't do that at all.

    Marmol on the other hand had a huge year this past one and deserved the right to be the closer. I say give it a month and watch Marmol fly past Wood for the CL position. If not, Wood will get injured like he does each year, and Marmol will be the closer.

    Good luck!!

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    LMAO Pinstripes 08!!!

    I figured Marmól would have it sewn up but Kerry Wood did the best this spring so he won it fair and square. Kerry's arm has repaired a lot so hopefully he'll be able to stay healthy.

    I also figured it was going to be Marquis and Dempster in the rotation even though I think Lieber did better than both this spring, I'm not sure if it was his age or just the fact that out of the three he was the only one publicly open to going to the bullpen. I hope Dempster pitches as well as he did this spring once the season starts. And I really hope that after all his whining, Marquis earns that spot in the rotation.


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    I'd be happy w/ any of the 3 in there as closer as long as Dumpster isn't doing it & it's not like any of this can't be undone, all 3 of them are still on the team. i think Marmol can close, set up & he can start i case someone goes down or Dempster doesn't work out in that role either.

    Wood can't start anymore, alot of bad choices in the past has destroyed his arm to the point where he was about to hang 'em up. non Cubs fans & the ones that only half YAHOO CENSOR pay attention don't know how close he was to calling it quits. he was about to have a sit down w/ front office after a throwing session & then the pain was gone. i'm glad he's healthy again. it will be interesting to see how he reacts if he gets knocked around by a few guys. in the past it took him awhile to recover & in the closer role he don't have anytime, usually just the next batter.

    reading thru the answers i'm cracking up. how does anyone know he's not a "great" closer when he's never closed? and what in the hell does anyone's age have to do w/ how they will close?

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  • While I'll agree that Marmol has the better stuff, I think that it's nice to see Wood finally work his way back into a meaningful role with the Cubs.

    Yes...he's injury prone. But hey, the guy was a stud before Baker threw him 9,790 innings over a two year period.

    While I'm not saying that Wood will save 40 games this year, he's still one of the feel good stories thus far.

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    For me, I am upset, I would rather it be Carlos Marmol or Bob Howary. I know that Kerry Wood has been in the majors longer then Carlos Marmol. And both Howry and Wood made thier Major League debuts in 1998, and Bob is older then Kerry. Snd he is almsot 3 years older then him, but Kerry made his major league debut before Howry did. So I hope that there will be a lot of times, they don't have to go for saves. But now I have to make sure to remember, if I am paying any attention to a Cubs game, I have to remember to not pay any attention when it is time for Kerry Wood to close the game in the 9th, and that will be ther half of the inning, no matter if it is at Wrigley Field or not.

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    Sorry not a cubs fan but i would be happy with this move. I think after the injuries Ryan Dempster is a better starter thanb K-wood and K wood will be about the smae closer Ryan was so i like it.

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    Closing is such a mental mentality. If you recall, Gagne was a starter for awhile too, and he was terrible as a starter. Dodgers move him to closer, and he now holds the record for most saves in a row. I think Wood will do very well as a closer. It is a fresh start for him, and if he is smart, I wouldn't mess this one up. Not everyone gets a second chance. Wood has this opportunity...

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    Happy, I always thought that my boy Woody could be the most dominant one inning pitcher in the league if he didn't have to worry about pitching more after that. With his arm back somewhat and his pitch selection back, I think its a good choice although Marmol could've been good too. Either way, I think the Cubs bullpen is much improved this year with Woody at the closer spot.

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    Very happy. At the end of the year last year he was throwing it like he used to. ANNNNNDDDDD He's SO much better than ryan Dumpster(Dempster). Marmol and Wood.....nice combo.

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    I would have been fine with any of the three of them in the closer spot. It's nice to know there are 3 others (including Dempster) that can come in and close games if anything happens to Woody. Our bullpen should be lights-out this year.

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