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Rate my Fantasy Baseball team?

On a scale of 1 to 10

It's a 6 team league

C: A.J. Pierzynski

1st B: David Ortiz

2nd B: Mark DeRosa

3rd B: Mark Loretta

SS: Derek Jeter

OF: Alfonso Soriano

OF: Ichiro Suzuki

OF: Kiskue Fukudome

Util: Coco Crisp


Ryan Zimmerman

Jim Thome

Carlos Peña

Todd Helton

Jason Varitek

SP: Jake Peavy

SP: Carlos Zambrano

RP: Takashi Saito

RP:Tony Peña

P: Ted Lilly

P: Derek Lowe

P:Andy Pettitte

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    Well my football friend, you have a couple of huge weaknesses in your team that are going to throw you down a huge hill.

    C - Neither Varitek nor A.J are really good fantasy catchers. However you should start Varitek here. He has the better chance for numbers

    1B - Ortiz is a must, then Pena and Helton either one of them has to be starting. WIth your lack of power, I would go with Pena. His numbers last year weren't a fluke.

    2B - Derosa is horrible. He shouldn't be starting in a 6 team league

    3B - Derosa. Also start Zimmerman over Loretta

    SS - Jeter is a very over-valued fantasy SS. He doesn't do one thing extremely well and that makes him bad for most fantasy sports players. He does a lot of little things good, but nothing that makes him stand out.

    OF - Nice OF. Suzuki and Soriano will get you steals along with FukuDome. However the lack of power here in the OF might bring some troubles your way.

    UTIL - Coco Crisp doesn't even start, or probably play. Start Pena.

    SP - Peavy and Zambrano are 2 of the best in the NL. Lilly and Lowe are really nice as well. Pettitte is supposed to have a come back year, but I don't see that happening. You've got a nice pitching staff, a bit weak for a 6 team league though.

    RP - Saito is extremely over-rated at best. His stuff is getting worse and worse and he is only 49 (actually 37). Even thought the Dodgers are favored to win the NL west, I don't see him having mind blowing numbers like last year. Pena ...competeing with Lyon will take away his good numbers.

    Overall I would go with a 4...maybe. You have good power, and a lot of it on the bench. I would try and get a better 2nd and move Loretta to the bench. Your SP is a semi strong suit, with your RP near the bottom.

    I hate to say it...Gonna be along year for ya.

    Good luck!!

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    Pretty good, I wouldn't be thrilled with 2b and relief pitching.

    You can probably get a good RP on the free agent list, see if you can trade one of those 1bs for an upgrade at 2nd.

    I know nothing about Kiskue, is he predicted to have good numbers?

    Probably won't need 2 catchers, more tradebait, Coco or Kiskue packaged with a catcher could snag a better 3rd outfielder

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    Your position lineup is real iffy, especially for a 6-team league. 1B and OF are solid, but everywhere else is weak. Use either Pena or Thome as your Util in place of Crisp.

    Your pitching is very solid, which will get you some points -- hopefully enough to keep this from being a last-place team. That's what this might be, unless you make moves to strengthen 2B and 3B in particular.

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    1 decade ago

    i know you are new to this & wanted to give it a shot so...... before you get too depressed by everyone bashing your team. they need to remember it IS a 6 team league & there's talent on the waiver wires.

    i think you had the right idea by getting a DeRo & Loretta since they are eligible at several postitions but in a 6 team league (i was unaware it was 6 teams when we talked), there is sooo much other talent.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Out of 6 teams, you get a donut on this roster. Football is your niche, stick with that.

    Ouch, 6 teams. Someone put out the flames.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would rate your team...but I'm in your league :-) Look at what Owner said...

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  • 1 decade ago

    pretty shitty for a six team league i say 3.5/10, your gonna finish last in your league

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