What is the round thing called that doctors wear on their head?

I need to know if there is a term for this round thing that doctors wear on their head in images such as this one:


Or is it just part of a stethoscope? Thank you!!!


Sorry, the link is cut off in yahoo answers...

iclipart.com/ search.php?keys= 194214&id=198

Please remove the spaces and you will get the image I'm looking at. Thanks!

Update 2:

http://etoon.com/ clip-art/data/media/5/d octor_00010.jpg

Try this link??? Removing spaces of course. :)

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    There are various terms for this, but the simplest, most descriptive, and therefore most unmedical is "head mirror." It was used in examinations of the ear, throat, and other, ah, body cavities. To use, you swung the head mirror down so that you could look through the hole in the middle with one eye. Then you positioned a light source so that it shone on the mirror's parabolic surface. By moving your head just so, you could reflect the light rays down the patient's throat or whatever, the better to illuminate items of interest without obstructing the view. Just about all doctors used head mirrors at one time and they became, along with the stethoscope, one of the symbols of the profession. But they could be a bit of a hassle to use and they did make you look like a space alien, so today many doctors prefer a penlight or other examining device. Some ENT (ear-nose-throat) specialists still use head mirrors, though, so look one up if you get nostalgic.

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    Old Doctor Head Mirror

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    It's a head mirror, and more for indirect laryngoscopies. Fiberoptic scopes and headlamps have pretty well replaced them. The idea was to focus light on the area of the exam, and direct light is strong and available from lightweight, small sources these days, so bouncing light from a goosneck off the mirror is somewhat passe.

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    I could not pull upt he photo but if it is what I think you are speaking of ....it was used to reflect light onto a localized area of the patient to illuminate it better for the doctor to see a spedific area of the patient's body.

    I am trying to remember the name and will post as soon as I remeber!!!!

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    A hat?

    Headlamp? Indirect ophthalmoscope? Mirror?

    Can't get the picture.

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    sorry, i didn't find any picture in the link.

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