CHRISTIANS: Will you answer this question please?!?!?!?


now Imagine you had NEVER heard of christianity! Imagine you had never in your whole life heard of any religion and you had never even once thought there might be a god!

Now imagine if all of that were the case do you think if one day you were in the library then you picked up a Bible (not knowing what it was) and you took it home and read it! do you think, after reading that you would start to believe in Christianity? Do you think you'd begin to live your life by it the same way you do now?

and if the answer is no then do you think that is proof that people only believe in any religion because its been bred into them as a child?

Now im not trying to get anyone to renounce their faith because im asking this question! and im not trying to hurt anyones feelings or disrespect their beliefs!

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    Good question.. I'd say no, probably not because I would probably think it was written by some people who were crazy. But since I have been taught about Jesus since I was little, if I read the whole Bible, I would certainly believe it...

    Did that help you??? =))

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    If I just picked up the Bible in a library, and had no idea what it was, I'd probably think it was liberal mumbo-jumbo, what with all that 'love one another' stuff and 'turn the other cheek'. Sounds hippie-ish.

    But The Bible isn't meant for non-Believers. I don't know why fundies like to use arguments from the BIble for non-beleivers. The Bible was written for people who already believe. Coming to Faith is a much longer path (unless it's instant) and probably involves many more books, a Church, maybe a priest and family and friends. That's the way it's supposed to be; Community, Worship, research, these are the things that eventually help you to have faith in God. Thrusting a Bible under your nose will not do you much good if you have no faith - you can't understand it (and what's the likilehood you'll 'pray for the Holy Spirit's guidence' as they'll ask you to do as they thrust it, when you don't believe in prayer or the Holy Spirit?)

    Now of course this doesn't mean thenly people who believe in any religion is because it's been bred into them as a child. I'm not the same religion I was when I was young. There's another question on here earlier about a man who might get physically hurt if he attended a Church, but he's going to give it a shot. I've heard stories, read books, about athiests who came to believe. So no, that argument doesn't work. Faith is based off more than the feelings you get when you read a book, even as Holy and Sacred a book as The Bible.

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    I think that if I sat down to read the Bible on my own, I would probably not get very far. Considering that we generally start a book at the beginning and read to the end, that is not the best way to read the Bible. It can be very confusing when read that way.

    However, I really do believe that the Spirit guides people to know God and to have God revealed through the Scriptures, so I think I would be inspired in my reading of the Word. I think that if I opened the Bible with a desire to really understand it, I would believe. If I simply was looking for a good book to read for entertainment, then no, I wouldn't end up seeing the Bible as anything more than a book.

    God didn't mean for the Bible to be the way to salvation. That comes through people loving each other with the love of Christ first. Simply reading a book will not help you know what it means to be a Christian.

    I could ask the same question about evolution: if you never heard of evolution and you simply picked up Darwin's book, would it change your life? Some people would be changed, others would not. Evolution is ingrained in us in public schools, thus the huge atheist boom as of late.

    I think the question is OK, not necessarily worth a star because it is flawed. Christ meant for disciples to make new disciples, not for the Bible to do it. The Bible is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training. Without people to share the love of Christ along with the Bible, people can't know what it is to be a Christian.

    By the way, my faith was not bred into me as a child. I was brought up in an agnostic home with no teaching of God. My parents came to faith in Christ after I did as an adult, praise the Lord!

    Source(s): Christian Youth Pastor ><>
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    Lets turn it around,

    If you never knew anything about football, had never seen a game, never knew any rules, and then one day you picked up a book of football rules.

    Would you be an instant football fan?

    Most likely not, the same with the bible and faith, it take UNDERSTANDING it to make an intelligent decision about it. One read of the Bible will not even scratch the surface about what being a Christan is. We also have the Church that Jesus left for us, the one that has been around for 300 years before the bible was compiled.

    I did not become Catholic until the age of 42 and after 20 years of study, so that gives you the proof that you are looking for. Catholicism was NOT bread into me as a child obviously. There are hundreds of thousands, even millions of people that are Christian that never were exposed to it as a child.

    Next question?


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    1 decade ago

    Most Christians will deny it was bred into them as a child. The cold hard fact that they do not want to face though is that if they had been born and raised in a country with a different religion then they would be that religion. If they were born in a Muslim country they would be Muslims.

    Society and their environment tells them that one religion is right. If everything around you tells you something is right you have no reason to dount it. The truth though is that they do not believe in the bible or Jesus in the sense of it being a reality, but it's an accepted myth to them. If someone actually believed Jesus was really a God then they would be focused on that incredible reality, but instead the focus is on what God does for them, not that he is real.

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    1 decade ago

    Hi there,

    Assuming such massive changes in our life could very well change the person who we are. I know that without ever hearing of religion, or even thinking about any type of Creator, that I would be a very, very different person. For this reason it is difficult to answer on a personal basis.

    However, if one had never heard of religion, or thought of such things, then the introduction of the Bible would make one think. It would make one question why we're here and if there's a purpose. They'd read it and see how it answers everything about life and brings about a whole new train of thought and way of living. For this reason many would embrace it.


  • mark h
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    I have experience with people somewhat like the ones that you imagine. But often I have observe people convert to Christianity having lived their entire life completely ignorant of Christianity prior to that time. So I would never say that a childhood of learning is necessary to be or stay a Christian.

    The only part of your imaginary people that I do not think is possible is the part of "you had never in your whole life heard of any religion". The most if not all primitive peoples have religious beliefs.

    The idea that there is a supernatural being that is greater and somehow sovreign over mankind, is pratically universal, if you study primitive cultures presently and historically. And in my humble opinion I do believe that his is the work of God. We are hardwired by our creator to somehow know that we are creations.

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    1 decade ago

    here is a secret that shouldn't be a secret. It is stated in the bible so much it is embarrassing. The absolute truth is....That God has already chosen before the world began who will believe in Jesus Christ. You see the bible says NO ONE choses God. Not one! We have all gone astray. We ALL hate God. So how could a bunch of God haters chose God? If He divinely intervenes. Basically God created the earth and people so that His glory would be known and so He could share His great love and mercy on His elected people. All through the bible God talks about Him electing people. He elected Israel. He elected the 12 disciples. For Jesus said Himself that the 12 did not chose Him but He chose them. Wow, what a shocker huh. Christians today want to think they can save themselves by "thinking" they believe and so when they hear this truth they rebuke it because deep down they know that they are trying to earn their salvation.

    So the answer to your question is that if that person was a chosen child of God than absolutely that person would believe. If that person was not, they either would not believe or trick themselves into thinking they believe so they can think they are going to heaven.

    I am speaking all of this as a Non-Christian so what I say I say to myself as well.

    Source(s): If you want bible truth read Romans starting at chapter 8.
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    1 decade ago

    There are many converts to Catholicism/Christianity - people have done exactly what you have said - picked up the Bible and became Christian.

    Jesus Christ - came with the truth. The world knew he was coming way before his birth. He is the most documented and talked about person that ever walked this planet - and why is that?

    Now if I wasn't a Catholic I would search all religions till I found one that made sense. Jesus' message of love and peace would still capture my heart.

    best wishes


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    There are lots of people who have become Christians by reading the Bible for the first time, and on hearing the gospel and about God for the first time in their lives. Nobody's born a Christian, because you have to understand, and it's very common for someone to not accept Christianity until later in life.

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