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Why do i need a website?

I am a small business and i am trying to figure out the advantages...

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    Having a website and building it properly gives you the chance to position yourself in front of those already seeking what you have to offer. Without knowing what your small business is about, I can not better target your answer. If you would like to study the advantages of a website and see it through proof and rankings at feel free to browse the web host that I use at

    They have great assistance for small business owners.


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    You didn't tell us anthing about your business, so it's hard to tell whether it would help you or not.

    One reason is advertising, and another is information--if someone is curious about the business and starts trying to find out about it, they may look to the net first, rather than calling you when they don't have a clue what they are talking about or trying to buy. If they find enough on your site that they are interested, they may call or buy from you first, since they have that number right here, and would have to look up the competion.

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    A website can help you by:

    getting you new customers

    answer questions potential customers might have

    take orders for your product

    allow your clients to contact you

    generate money by allowing others to advertise on your site.

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