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Fantasy Baseball - Whose a better starter than K. Escobar?

In a 6 team Roto League, my rotation is: Harang, Smoltz, Escobar, (Hudson - pending), Carmona, Liriano; Papelbon, Nathan, Jenks.

If I drop Escobar (who doesn't impress me): should I pick up Matt Cain, Jeff Francis; Chien Ming Wang; John Maine; Jer. Bonderman; Dontrelle Willis; Dustin McGowan?

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    Any of them...they aren't starting the season on the DL.

    I'm assuming that you don't have a DL spot in your league? If you do, why not just put Escobar down in there.

    Hudson would probably be your best bet out of those players. Wang won't get you much more than wins, with his lack of K's. Francis plays in Coors field, and that could provide a lot of troubles for him, even though not last year, but this is a new year. Cain has no support in SF, so any numbers he produces won't be spectular. Bonderman and Willis are going to have good years, but can Willis bounce back from last year, and will Bonderman now in his 4th year be able to live up to his hype?. McGowan has all the talent in the world, but their offense is falling short. Having to count on Frank Thomas for HR power, McGowan could be in the same boat as Cain.

    The only other person would be Maine. Maine has great stuff, and a lot of confidence in it. The fact that is numbers last year were good, and there was no chance in the offense can only produce better numbers this year. One more year to grow. With Santana taking over the 1, pressure moves away from him and the rest of the staff, and that means he will face pitchers lower (3 and 4 slots). Maine is poised for a break-out year. Last year he had 15 wins and 180 K's. I would expect at least 2 more wins and probably 20 more K's. His ERA was down at 3.90...Should be lower this year.

    If not Hudson, then Maine.

    Good luck!!

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    Bonderman or Maine.

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    Go with Wang. Stay as far away from Willis as possbile.

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    In this order:

    Maine (wins and decent peripherals)

    McGowan (potential and wins)

    cain (highest potential- no luck with wins)

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