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sp1 for vista won't install?

Ok I checked my updates the other day and found sp1 for vista ready to be downloaded. I have tried about 10 times to install it with a computer reboot after every attempt I keep getting error code 8007065E I have also taken the following steps. Scanned the hard disk for errors

scanned the file system for errors

turned off running programs

turned off anitvirus,spyware etc.

I even downloaded the whole sp1 file from microsoft itself and it still would not install. Any Ideas.

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    Microsoft won't admit this, but Vista has been having serious errors recently... A neumorous number of faults have been reported and Vista has been taken off shelvesd..

    Not sure what the exact reason is but theres a glitch which is why alot of programs are not working properly on Vista..

    If ur PC is a DELL, it probably doesn't like Vista (thats what Dell told me last week)

    Leave it for a while, and try and look for newer updates and versions of SP1.

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    If you go in to Microsoft Update and check for Updates if these ones come up uncheck them and Vista SP1 should install.

    Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows Vista (KB932818)

    Update for Windows Vista (KB931099)

    Good luck.


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    sorry to tell you but SP1 still will not solve all the problems with Vista that's why MS have just drop the price of Vista. sorry i can't help you you should be using "XP Pro with SP3" which work's just fine with no problems.

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