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How MAD would you be if This happened?

i hope none happens

1-during Edge vs Taker. Taker took a nasty fall, and it was light-out, he was unconsience(not sure of spelling), and all that could have happened was Edge pinning the Undertaker 1,2,3.

2-Imagine if HBK was injured(plz NO), and Ric Flair said i want to Face someone i never faced before at WM, and all of a sudden, hornswoggle music hits, and the match is on.

Hornswoggle runs,Flair after him,and finlay comes from out of nowhere and hit Flair with his weapon(Ref doesn't see it), hornswoggle to the top rop, 1,2,3.

3-Collin Delayne won the Battle Royale!☻☻

Star if that makes you mad!

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    1....somebody hold me back cause i am going after Edge myself......damn way.....send HHH in Shawns place........i would be pissed........3......rather see him win then some of the others ......but i want Kane to win

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    I think that the maddest I ever got was when I was a teenager living at home. I had a date with a guy that I really liked. I was getting ready to go & I had on a cute sleeveless dress when my Mom started telling me that she didn't trust me to be with this guy - insinuating that we were going to have sex. Well, our relationship was not like that at all & nothing I could say would convince her of that & I got so mad that I broke out in a sweat. She finally saw how mad I was & had to give me a chill pill. I hope I never get that mad again.

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    1. That would suck! Restart the match!

    2. That would suck! Bring out Triple H to face Flair!

    3. That would be ok as he deserves a contract but I'd prefer Tommy Dreamer to win the Battle Royal

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    1- pretty mad, edge just isnt good enough to end undertaker's streak

    2-mad as hell not because of hornswoggle but because of shawn getting injured again

    3- I'd be sort of in the middle about this one. on one hand, collin delayne doesnt deserve a title shot, but on the other hand, it would be a cool turn of events. people would be shocked, thats for sure

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    i hope none happens

    1-I would get mad because Edge should win that match for sure.

    2- I like hornswoggle but that would be a horrible ending to a great wwe legend.

    3- That would be horrible because he hasnt been with wwe for a month yet and he would get a title shot? doesnt make sense.

  • 1. I would be upset, but sometimes these things happen. At least it would help Edge's career (Even though he really doesn't need it)

    2.I woild never watch WWE again if that happened. I was already appalled when Hornswoggle buried other superstars, but this would be unforgivable.

    3.I would be indifferent. ECW belt meant somthing when CM Punk first one it but it has become stale.

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    1.) I wouldn't be that upset about that.

    2.) HELL NO. HBK better work through that injury!

    3.) Cool. I wouldn't be mad. I would prefer if CM Punk won, but w/e.

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    1. Not that mad

    2. Totally Mad

    3. Kinda Mad

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  • Mad

  • Anonymous
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    1. What ??????????

    2. What ??????????

    3. What ??????????

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