Atheists, why do you think the word "atheism" is so hard to spell?

So far today I've seen at least four different spellings of the word atheist. I've seen the correct spelling as well as "athiest," "aitheist" and "afeist."

What do you think it is about the word "atheist" that makes it so hard to spell? Specifically, why is "atheist" misspelled so frequently but "theist" isn't?

Is it possible that people who are opposed to the meaning of the word "atheism" intentionally choose to misspell the word because spelling it correctly would be showing respect for the opposing point of view?


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    As contrarians, you insist on violating the i before e except after c rule. bastards.


    Theist is generally spelled corectly because t's atheists who use it. Most theists use the actual flavor of theism to describe themselves, IE, Christian or Muslim. Most atheists get the etymology of the word and can therefore spell it correctly.

  • CH
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe because theist is pronounced differently to atheist. The atheist makes the ei sound like "e" instead of "a" but I'm not totally confident that that is the reason.

    Perhaps it is true, as creatrix suggests, that atheists are for some reason better spellers. If it were it would certainly result in atheist being spelt incorrectly more often as atheists use the word theist most often while everyone uses the word atheist.

  • I don't think people think about how it's pronounced.

    A - theeeeee- ist.

    Not A-thi-est (however you would say that) or a-fee-ist or whatever.

    Anyway, look at the other words that are always misspelled here. Weird is often spelled "wierd," and only one person in 20 spells the word "definitely" without an "a."

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've become convinced that many of the misspellings are deliberate, done just because they know that many of us are picky about spelling properly. The rest are just due to stupidity. It's far from being the only misspelled word on this forum, you know.

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    I have joined this forum few weeks ago and have found that spelling mistake is quite common here. It does not matter much to me as my own English is not so good.

    I do not think that the people who consider themselves religious and spiritual can intentionally do such things.

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    Theres a lot of rampant intentional misspelling going on. But I think some of it falls on the old i before e except after c rule too.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think it's that old spelling bugaboo, "i before e, except after c" that throws people.

    The word "atheist" breaks that rule.

    I honestly don't think that most folks misspell it on purpose.

    Except maybe the guy who used "afeist"....

    (EDIT: Tell ya what...I promise to always spell "atheist" correctly, if you will work on getting your team to quit calling me an "Xtian"...


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    1 decade ago

    LOL, it sure seems so. I go around at work muttering just at the threshold of the sub-audible level "a dufus says what".

    I think there are those who make the misspelling are akin to those who reply "what?"

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  • Vampie
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe they arent familiar with the concept of vowels; they may think they are the devil's work and its exacerbated by the fact they are about to spell "atheism" which denies god.

    So they get thrown off :D

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  • 1 decade ago

    the word is not difficult to spell, but I really like the evil materplan theory offered by FuriousB.

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