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What sport is better and why Lacross or Ice/roller hockey?

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    Well since there is no Lacrosse section, and you are in the Hockey section you are gonna get ice hockey as your answer. It pains me to say that many people in this country still dont really no much about Lacrosse besides that the Duke team was in the news for a heinous act(which they never even commited but some how the news didnt really report on that as much as they did the false allegations). Anyway, Lacrosse is known as the fastest sport on two feet, because it truly is. Hockey is by far my second favorite sport but you can not argue that since it is on ice and skates it is fundamentally different then Lacrosse and because of that comparing them is really a moot point. It just matter on whether or not you want to run, or skate.

    Also, to the comment about Hockey being more physical or there being more hitting, this is essentially only true because it is harder to avoid hits in hockey, quick lateral movement to side step a hit is much harder to do on skates then when you standing on your toes on turf, but the strength of good body checks is pretty much even in the two sports.

    Tomjc brings up a great point, that I honestly forgot about, playing the field version of lacrosse all of my life makes me think of that before box lacrosse, but he is right when the NLL finally gets its television rights with an actual station and a real marketing team, it has the potential to be just as watched as hockey.

    Alright well, you cant blame the lack of a good lacrosse announcer on anything other then the fact that there simply aren't enough people who know the sport in and out and have the ability to announce. However, to answer your question on why the pads are so big, think about it what was the score of the game you went to, I can pretty much assume that both teams were in the double digits even with the goalie wearing so many pads. I personally dislike the way the NLL has there goalies wrapped up in so much equipment but even all of it the players still score alot. It is easier to control ball placement with a lacrosse stick then a hockey stick.

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    I'm a lacrosse player and i have to say that I love hockey more than lacrosse. If i could afford it I would be playing hockey instead. But to all the people who say that lacrosse isn't as physical as hockey they are wrong. My sole purpose on my team is to hit people...hell half the defense men on my team love to hit people. And to whoever said that lacrosse is for people who can't skate, I disagree as well. I can skate, I can't afford hockey equipment though. About 90% of my school's hockey roster is on my lacrosse team. Essentially, hockey and lacrosse are the same exact thing except one has skates and uniform length sticks while the other has cleats and 3 different kinds of sticks. Lacrosse also happens to be one of, if not the, fastest growing sport in North America. The roster on our team this year damn near doubled from last year.

    So, again, I love hockey and it is by far my favorite sport, however, lacrosse is almost just as good and is a hairline second to hockey in my mind.

    Source(s): Big hockey fan, 2 year lacrosse player
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    Lacrosse (Box version) is better because it's faster, rougher and more demanding. If there was a following for boxla and a professional league paying the same kind of money as hockey, some of hockey's biggest stars would be in the other sport.

    During the lock out there were a lot of the NHL stalwarts hanging out with the NLL teams for conditioning and practice workouts. If the lockout had gone on for another year many would have jumped.

    Source(s): Played and coached both for years.
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    Since you are in the hockey section, most here are going to say hockey. And most won't give you any explanation...

    I personally like to watch hockey more because it is such a physical game, don't get me wrong,I know lacrosse is a physical sport as well, just a different kind of physcail. And overall, I just think its a more fun sport to watch.

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    I prefer ice hockey, but that is because it is more popular and receives more publicity, which makes it easier to follow. However, I do enjoy watching lacrosse when it is televised and I would definitely attend lacrosse games if I had a favorite team.

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    Friday night I went to the sabres/leafs game. Saturday night I went to the Buffalo Bandits/ Toronto Rock lacross game. The former held my attention and I understood it. The latter involved Johnny Fever and Steven Tyler's lovechild screaming his head off as a wannabe announcer all night. Atmospherewise, hockey wins, hands down. The sports seem pretty similar to me, but I would never again pay to sit through a lacross game. And can someone please explain to me the giant lacross goalie gear when the net is the size of a toaster?

  • ice hockey -- roller hockey is for people who are afraid of ice and lacrosse is a preps sport

  • ice/roller hockey because its more challenging and in lacross all you do is go around wacking people with a stick and shooting

  • 1)Ice hockey

    2)Roller Hockey

    3)Street Hockey

    4)watching hockey





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    ice hockey- lacrosse is for players who can't skate

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