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Taliban killing Muslims?

Just heard the news that Taliban are suspected of blowing up dozens of trucks stopped for the night on the Pakistan/Afghan border

Most were fuel trucks and hundreds are injured and killed.

Muslims ... If this indeed the work of Taliban is there anyway Muslims killing Muslims in this kind of act is justified either :

- Directly from Koran or

- In your own opinion

I am Christian but am open and respectful to Islam. I am aware that Christianity has commited many evils also.

Am sincerely asking for knowledge on this subject and will respect any genuine attempt to answer.


Positive Asker ... Apologies for my terminology I should re-phrase it to say "Evil has been committed in the name of Christianity" I am indeed a fully practicing Christian raising a family of Christians ...with a long way to go like most of us. Hope the term didnt cause offence

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    The Taliban were killing their fellow Muslims in Afghanistan before the war and the regime was armed, sponsored, supported and had their salaries paid by the American government until they decided to award the building of a 1000 mile oil pipeline to the Argentinians, it was only then that the American government decided to declare the Taliban the most evil regime on the planet.

    George Bush and his 'elected' government are supported and funded by Christian conservatives, is there anywhere in the Bible that says Christians must support evil dictatorships that slaughter and degrade their innocent citizens, I don't think so. It's not about Religion, it's about power and greed!!

    It is also no different to Christians killing each other which they have done throughout history, for example the Protestant reformation in England and Scotland and in Northern Ireland where Catholics and Protestants recently were waging an unofficial war!

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    No killing is justified within the correctly interpreted version of the Qu'ran! The taliban barks on about how they want to bring about solidarity between the "brotherhood" of Islam and yet they blow up their "own" in order to further their own silly cause.

    If they were truly fighting for the betterment of "their people", then they would have put their hands up and came out of the hills when the US attacked Afghanistan! They wouldn't have let thousands of innocent civilians get caught in the crossfire!!

    EDIT - Alan D - Most Muslims do condemn all acts of terrorism! Please do not generalise.

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    Speak to someone from these countries, find some of the mobile phone video footage & even some footage hidden by the BBC,

    There are many horrors in the world and all creations of man.

    There are plenty of people in the country for you to ask, who have had to leave this treatment on a daily basis

    and things far worse than just being killed.

    If everyone knew what really happens to people in this situation all over the world, they would want it stopped.

    Our armed forces risk there lives every day trying their best to stop this from happening, they make a personal sacrifice for other's freedoms. And they just don't get the support they deserve.

    Im not of any religion. But unless someone is trying to kill you, you shouldn't kill them. Unless someone is trying to injure you, you shouldn't injure them.

    So whether people are killed in the name of god by what ever name or for any religion or political standpoint it is wrong.

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    No matter how you spin or twist the Qur'an, nothing can EVER justify the killing of fellow Muslims. This should be enough to prove that these terrorists don't really give a damn about the Qur'an or Islamic teachings. They forbid demale education which is again against the teachings of Islam. Anyway, the Qur'an forbids the killing of non-Muslims as well.

    Whatever evil deeds done by Muslims, Islam certainly doesn't condone them.

    A PRACTICING Muslim Cannot Be a Terrorist

    Youtube thumbnail

    #And this is what Islamic governments are doing to tackle this problem. Instead of Guantanamo or Abu Gharib; this is what they do - debate with terrorists about the scriptures.

    Former al-Qaeda Regret 'Destroying Islam'

    Youtube thumbnail

    #Muslims have also set up websites explaining the proper context and full explanation of the so-called "Violent Verses" which many tend to relate to terrorism:

    As we all know it's easy to misquote any verse from any scripture and then make it look violent and evil. I am sure Christians would tend to agree with me because if we do what the bigots and Islam haters do to the Qur'an to the Bible; this is what we get:

    Numbers 31:17-18 "Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves."

    Luke 19:27 Jesus said, "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me."

    .....and so on. I had to bring them out of context to get my point across.

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    quran is totaly against killing muslims and non-muslims as well.but it will depend on wht occastions he kills someone.if it is someone who have commited a crime then he can kill him (like the law does) but it still depends how the killer is.its a bit hard to explain.about the taliban,they r people who r brain washed from their childhood.their scholars tell them to kill.this creates a bad image in the non-muslims minds but what the taliban are doing is not from islam.islam is peacefull but people only see the taliban,al qaida or muslims killing others.last thing it is not allowed for a muslim to kill a muslim.if he does he will have a punishment mayb hell if he dosent apolize to the family or the reletives of the person who he killed or murdered.

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    The Taliban, Wahabis and the rest of those fanatics have been killing their fellow Muslim Brothers & Sisters for years. In the original days of Islam, prisoners of war were set free by teaching Muslim soldiers how to read. Education is more important in Islam than all this stupid zealousy that destroys such a beautiful religion that is supposed to unite, not divide.

    The killing of anyone is derived from personal opinion. If we Muslims were to kill all oppressors, as it is believed. there would be no tyrants like Adolf Hitler, the Spanish Inquisition and slavery. There would be no racism, corruption and materialism to bound us all. As it is, those are the real oppressors which are prevalent in Muslim societies so hopefully that answers your question.

    Source(s): There is No God but God, by Reza Aslan
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    To think of the Taliban as being primarily a Muslim movement is rather like thinking of the IRA as a Christian one would have been back in the seventies and eighties..they are both political groups with political agendas who have tried to use their religions to justify their actions and who have failed miserably to do so. Of course Islam does not approve the slaughter of Muslims by Muslims and the slaughter of innocents is deplored, not accepted as the inevitable outcome of human ambition.

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    I am sorry that I can,t give you any insight into Islam but I have been intrigued by some of the comments made and would like to add 1 of my own! If so called moderate Muslims are so against the atrocities created in their name the WHY O' WHY do they have to be backed into a corner and practically forced to condemn these acts?

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    Thanks for your question. This is a point Muslims have been making for a while now. These extremists are in a world of their own, they feel that they are justified in every actions they take. They don't care who they kill as long as they get their word across. They've been brainwashed to fight for someone else's cause, some guy who thought he was right, when he is completely wrong, and they've been told they are right and everyone else is wrong.

    The Qur'an does not in any way justify killing Muslims or any innocents of any religion or beliefs, and it is totally wrong in my opinion as well. But these extremists have a way of manipulating the text and feeding it to children who are

    susceptible to such nonsense, it's child abuse if you ask me.

    Added comment: Dazla ignore Positive Asker, he clearly has no understanding of the word tolerance. He's one of those religious hooligans who can't see that their religion isn't perfect, everyone has their faults. People like him are too easily brainwashed, both by the media and religious extremists.

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    Maybe they were blowing up Hazaras? That would make it pretty ok.

    Once on BBC I heard there's a saying in Afghanistan among the majority Pashtuns like "Tajiks, go back to Tajikistan. Uzbeks, go back to Uzbekistan. Hazaras, go hell!" Hazaras are an ethnic minority, descended from Genghis Khan's hordes, and follow the minority shi'a sect of Islam, so they're an easy target.

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