Who would Russians prefer as the next American President?

No fair nominating your own Prime Minister, although that would be the obvious choice, lol.


If you were to put ron paul in a police line-up with the Harlem Globetrotters and the Easter Bunny, 99 out of 100 Russians couldn't identify him.

Update 2:

Mervent: I meant that most Russians would probably prefer that Putin be the next American President.

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    Well, it's easier to tell who is the worst candidate - McCain. He is too agressive, America-centric and seems to get stuck in the Cold War times. He'd start a couple of new conflicts (may be even not diplomatic) for sure. No good for world political situation.

    As to Clinton and Obama - I don't see the big difference in their foreign policy, they use sometimesanti-russian(not democaratical regime blah-blah...) rhetoric to praise the american way and democracy - but that's Ok, we are used to it.

    And actually we (or at least I) don't care much about your election, I don't think it will change the relationship between the countries in anyway.

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    because of the fact Obama hates u . s . a .. He additionally needs to alter u . s . a . right into a banana republic. i'm asserting this yet i'm advantageous, in his very own innovations, he would not think of of it this style. He hates capitalism because of the fact he sees it as transforming into inequality between the people who stay for the period of this u . s . a .. He thinks that capitalism is what's conserving down the damaging and permitting some people to alter into obscenely rich. He would not comprehend that it is the "obscenely rich" that are writing the paychecks for people who're keen to artwork to assist their families and themselves. no person needs to be damaging yet there'll consistently be the lazy, the incompetent, the loopy, addicts, and others who can not or won't artwork. He hates the form (i'm advantageous he would not sense that he does) because of the fact he's prevalent with it fairly is the mechanism that has allowed u . s . a . to alter into the large and rich u . s . a . that it fairly is. He sees it as permitting the grasping and rich to subjugate people who have not have been given any money or power. He trolls for want among the elite of the international because of the fact he thinks that they coach a thank you to genuine egalitarianism. (i'm advantageous that there is a private want to be recognized as large approximately this too.) Obama would possibly not understand the destruction he's wrecking upon this u . s . a . till it fairly is merely too overdue--or he, being so wrapped up in his very own ego and insouciance, would possibly on no account see it. in spite of the undeniable fact that, this u . s . a . is going to get replaced perpetually. The economy will cave in, corporation will come below the purvue of the federal government completely (fascism), and people would be divested of each and every of the comforts and rights that they've come to anticipate. Or it may merely be that u . s . a . will substitute into so susceptible that some overseas power will see it because of the fact the perfect threat to break us fully. you will could be sure that's the kinder end for this as quickly as-large u . s . a ..

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    Obviously not McCain. That guy is just overall scary - he's pro-life, he wants to stay in Iraq ( wasn't he the one that said that staying there for a 100 years is okay?), he sees no problem with bombing Iran first, he supports the death penalty. Plus, he's plain old.

    Out of the other two possible contenders, I don't really like either. Clinton seems to be more or less nice on a human level, but her husband has shown that nice people can do horrible things (bombings of Yugoslavia...). Obama looks like yet another demagogue with armies of fans that faint at his speeches.

    As I was answering this, I ended up going to one of those sites that matches you to your ideal candidate. My result: Mike Gravel. Oh yeah, he'll definitely win. :)

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    I spent 6 months in Russia, and I can say Russians don't care about US elections...

    But if I'd have to guess, I would NEVER say Obama, because, and sorry but it's the often (and sadly) the truth, many Russians do not like black people.

    I wouldn't say Mc Cain either because they hate Bush.

    So, even if they don't care, I'd say H. Clinton.

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    Most Russians have better things to think about than some other nation's president. At leats in most cases

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    I don't really think that the U.S government's policy in a question of interrelation with Russia is setting by President himself and it doesn't matter who will the next.The U.S will always keep their negative attitude refering to us until Russia wil keep its independence.It's a question of geopolitics.

    The Prime Minister is nominating by the President (according the Constitution) in our country.Why it isn't fair?

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    They dislike John McCain, so anyone except John McCain. Oh they probably don't like Obama either because of reasons I won't say.

    Most Russians would probably vote for Hillary Clinton.

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    i really dont care what the americans get as a president

    Source(s): i am russian
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    my friends in russia prefer hillary, and they say most people like her best, although obama wouldnt be bad either.

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