What does it do when you turn off " flash cache module" on a Dell 1720?

Got the blue screen of death with my Dell 1720, I went on dell site for support, they told me to press F2 and do things, but they tell me to turn off flash cache module, to change the SATA to ATA.

What is it, and what does it do?


Go! (E)

Well that's how clumsy I am, this morning I opened my laptop pressing the wrong button.. So it wasn't an error, just me who opened the laptop with the media center stuff instead of the laptop itself.

That's how imcompetent I am with computers.

After setting the computer back to well, computer mode. It worked perfectly :)

But hey, now I know what flash cache module is, and what ATA Stand for, Thanks to you :)

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    Flash Cache Module= Allows the computer to support

    ReadyDrive. ReadyDrive is a new feature in Windows Vista

    that enables PCs equipped with a hybrid hard disk—a new

    kind of hard disk that adds flash memory to a standard

    mobile PC hard disk drive.

    ATA = is a standard interface for connecting storage devices

    such as hard disks, solid state disks and CD-ROM drives

    inside personal computers.

    SATA = is a computer bus primarily designed for transfer of

    data between a computer and mass storage devices such

    as hard disk drives and optical drives. basically, the updated

    new and improved version.

    The main advantages over the older parallel ATA interface

    are faster data transfer, ability to remove or add devices

    while operating (hot swapping), thinner cables that let air

    cooling work more efficiently, and more reliable operation

    with tighter data integrity checks.

    About resetting the options to their original values after

    the install, and some more info on what it all does:

    Switch from "AHCI" to "ATA": AHCI is primarily Host

    Controller support for SATA drives.

    If you don't have a hybrid hard disk, then you don't need to re-

    enable Flash Cache Module..

    If you don't have a SATA drive, then you don't need to re-

    enable AHCI... Or if you do have a SATA drive and you

    haven't installed the SATA drivers and you don't need the last

    little bit of SATA drive performance you DON'T need to re-

    enable AHCI. (Many home users leave it disabled because

    the performance boost is neglible for the average websurfer).

    On the other hand, if you HAVE installed the SATA drivers

    and you do want all the performance possible out of your

    SATA drive, then DO re-enable AHCI.

    And, yes, I cheated. You need 100% concrete info on

    something like this. Hope this is what you were looking


    Edit : After the install meaning IF they told you to install

    an Os with these instructions:

    To install an Os on you Dell Inspiron 1720 you have to follow

    those steps:

    1. Enter the BIOS Setup Menu by pressing F2 when the

    computer starts

    2.Go to "Onboard Devices"

    3.Go to "Flash Cache Module" and disable it(turn it "off").

    4.Go to "SATA Operation" and switch from "AHCI" to "ATA".

    5.Save and Exit de BIOS Setup and then install you os.

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    very well explanation go_go_ ....

    I understood you point and it worked for me as well. (the steps you mentioned).

    But i had another question.

    As you know dell inspiron 1720 has slot for 2 harddisk. so I have installed XP on one of them.

    Now i am planning that i will keep the vista OS working as well on another HD.

    But do i need to keep swapping "AHCI" to "ATA" and vice versa? (when i want to swap between XP and vista).

    I want to be little cautious since one of my hard disk crashed few months back and i don t wanna take any risks unnecessarily

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    5 years ago

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