Please suggest a good way to create data dictionary for a remote oracle database.?

I can access the tables and procedures of the DB through PL/SQL.

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    If by data dictionary, you mean a list of tables, columns and their definitions, then this may be difficult. Oracle can put comments on tables and columns and some places put definitions there, but many do not. You can check by querying user_tab_comments or user_col_comments. Some data modeling tools will attempt to extract them as definitions but not all. I believe PowerDesigner ( and ER/Studio ( do and you should be able to download an eval. Otherwise, you can query the USER_ or DBA_ tables to get information on the tables and columns. See link below.

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    The easiest way would to be save the Excel sheet into an text format, then import the text into Oracle. Or if you had an SQL Zen master, they can do a macro to take the same text (flat) file and insert into the Database with an SQL update queiry

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    I sugest you not to create any oracle or jurnal.

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