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Is it safe to use a human dandruff shampoo on our dog?

We've been up, down and around with vets, and have ultimately been told that our dog has allergies. We can't cure him, only try to treat the symptoms. The dog has terrible dandruff; can I use TGel on him?

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    No, its not. The pH of human shampoo is not right for a dog and can cause skin irritation, dry skin, and even hair loss. Baby shampoos that should be mild are the worst, actually, for use on a dog. Most dandruff shampoos are actually harsh on human skin, so it is not something I would suggest for your dog.

    If you want to bathe your dog, I would suggest using a good quality dog shampoo. My personal favorite is HyLyte because it smells very tropical, like coconut, and has essential fatty acids within the shampoo to moisturize the skin and coat. Your veterinarian may carry this if you are interested. Your veterinarian also may carry a line of prescription shampoos that are aimed toward dogs with allergies. Look into it.

    Your dog's coat is managed by the essensial fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Using a diet supplement like Derm Caps (a capsule once or twice a day) or ProDerm (a powder you sprinkle over your dog's food twice a day) can also help with the skin. These two products are great and contain those essential fatty acids, as well as omega fatty acids. ProDerm also has some other nutrient additives. Either way, using a coat enhancing/skin nurishing supplement may help out - just make sure they are canine specific and are more natural so as not to make your dog's allergies worse.

    BTW, if your dog has atopy (which is inhaled allergens) talk to your vet about Atopica, a cyclosporin medication that is wonderful! If your dog has food allergies, try venison or duck or rabbit based diets, or even a prescription diet like z/d where the proteins that your dog most likely is allergic to are so small they do not cause a reaction. If your dog has flea allergies, try this great new product called Comfortis - a pill that lasts for 1 month, and starts killing fleas within 4 hours. It is a miracle worker. You could also try a veterinary dermatologist for allergy testing and have desensitization serum produced for your dog - so you would give a shot of what actually causes the reaction within your dog in small amounts to make your dog 'less' allergic to them. If you are using a plastic bowl for food and/or water, change to metal bowls as dogs can be allergic to the plastic. If your dog has environmental allergies, wipe his feet everytime he comes in from the outdoors, try benadryl or if this no longer works, there is also a drug called Temeril P that is lower steroids than Prednisone but is effective. There are always paths to be found. If you want any information on the products or have any questions about allergies, email me.

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    Is it safe to use a human dandruff shampoo on our dog?

    We've been up, down and around with vets, and have ultimately been told that our dog has allergies. We can't cure him, only try to treat the symptoms. The dog has terrible dandruff; can I use TGel on him?

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    Works like a dream! My little Papillon was scratching and itching non stop with an occasional flea and I use Dove gentle Dandruff on her and it puts an end to that. Afterwards she is calm and relaxed and no more scratching...Now I don't use it every time but once a month does the trick!

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    A well trained dog is not nasty, noisy, unclean or unsafe. In fact, a dog cannot be nasty, noisy, unclean or unsafe unless his owner is! Of course there are plenty of people who are terrible pet owners, and I'm assuming that those are the dog owners you have had the most contact with. Dogs are called "man's best friend", not "American's best friend". I don't know where you live, or what culture you belong to, but I am sure that if you told me I could think of at least one thing that I don't personally understand about it. That doesn't make you unloveable or barren. It just means you and I are different, and thats something that should be embraced. Please, just don't give all dogs a bad name because the ones you've met haven't had good owners. A dog is an absolute joy to have; they are the best companions any one can have.

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      Um, this question was about dog and human shampoos.

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    Dogs are only unlcean if their owner(s) don't care for them properly. Cats on the other hand are NASTY (walking through their disease infested feces, jumping on your counters, tables with their FILTHY paws... now that's filthy/gross... and I don't want to hear about how often they groom themselves, they're nasty! :) ) In terms of why Americans are so attached, honestly, I believe it's because we are fairly detached from healthy human relationships. We are afraid to be vulnerable in human on human relationships-people can break our hearts, betray our trust, and crush us in the most deep, painful ways-dogs can't. However, I don't believe it's a good thing because we cling to the relationships we form with our pets and build up walls that block out other people-and really, we're made for one another. Dogs are excellent for many things-they are loyal to their family, protect us, give us joy through play and their devotion, they are just wonderful creatures. I often think how amazing it is that God gave Adam the job to name all living creatures, and dog is God spelled backwards-something to it perhaps? :) I think you're a little harsh and biased against dogs in your question's tone, BUT, I think some of what you suggest is fairly spot on... but again, dogs aren't nasty, noisy, or unsafe unless ALLOWED to be by their owners. Realistically, 95-98% of ALL problems that crop up in canines are the fault or due to the negligence of those in charge of them-barking too much-the owner needs to either use a bark collar or some other means of training it to be quiet. Being dirty-the dog should have a better quality food (that's has made our puppy's coat SHINY and his dandruff is gone) and better products such as shampoo... in terms of being dangerous, again, 95% of the time, if not more often, that is due to people-poor breeding, lack of socialization, abuse, neglect... the list goes on. But mostly, these problems are OUR problems we cause our dogs to endure. Just my thought.

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    No they are too harsh, call your vet and get some good medicated shampoo,this way it will treat the problem and wont hurt the dogs skin.

    there are some good dog shampoo's out there, but a human one is too drying and may cause worse skin and dander problems.......

    Pets mart specialist will be able to steer you in the right direction...........they really know the products and wont have you buy something just to be selling it to you..

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    My vet recommended Selsun Blue for our dachshund when he thought she had skin allergies going on. It might help yours, it didn't help her, as that wasn't the problem. Instead we had a nasty black mold problem in that house and were unaware. It was making all of us sick, just affecting her the worst.

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