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What is the best natural remedy (non-drug) cure for Insomnia? Answer fast im going to sleep.?

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    Try a glass of milk before bed. There are some herbal teas on the market one is bedtime tea by Celestial Seasons (I think I got that name right). They make one for stress and anxiety, I can't remember the name but the same company makes it.

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    For years, valerian has been used by thousands to help one naturally relax and sleep. In searching for the best product, one that contains, only natural ingredients and that is Made in America, I find that Formula 303 appears to be the best natural remedy for insomnia. It has both Valerian and passiflora as well as magnesium. All of these have been shown in clinical studies to relax a person.

    There is a long history of using these ingredients as a safe and natural alternative to drugs for insomnia.

    I'd also recommend, not watching the news before you go to bed and avoiding soda or coffee in the afternoon. You may also want to take a relaxing, warm bath just before going to bed. Try going to bed the same time every night. In addition, keep the room as dark as possible and not too hot.

    Good luck.

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    There are a few natural remedies for Insomnia, but since you ask only the BEST, here it is.

    Physiologics (company name) makes a sublingual liquid form melatonin. Melatonin is a nutrient that helps brain trigger its sleep pattern. If you haven't heard about Melatonin, you can read about it extensively.

    The reason I like this one, it is cherry flavored, very affordable, and all you need is one drop full under your tongue, you are a goner. Sound, sweet dream till eight hours later or when your alarm wakes you. All natural, no side effects.

    Search on google, Melatonin sublingual liquid by Physiologics

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    Try putting a drop of lavender oil on your pillow at bed time. don't use to much because if it is to strong it will be stimulating, so it will have the opposite effect.

    You can try a warm bath about an hour before bed with some relaxing music and some relaxing essential oils.

    If its an ongoing problem maybe you should see a naturopath or a massage therapist for regular relaxation massage.

    Source(s): Diploma of Aromatherapy
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    The best cure for insomnia is sleep.

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    I know it sounds a little crazy but for me sometimes just by turning around to where my head is where my feet normal are does the trick. I tried it once after reading the suggestion somewhere on the net and it often works for me for some strange reason.

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    Try making sure you get good healthy exercise during the day so that you are physically tired then do something that relaxes you at the end of the evening. Also warm milk or camomile tea are worth trying.

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    Goodness, gracious, if you're going to sleep, yay for the insomnia! I like magnesium so far. Pretty good.

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    a bowl of warm oatmeal

    a banana

    a glass of warm milk

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