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Car Crash!?

today i almost had a car crash.

cars are the worst thing! i hate them so much!

Now i know that life is too precious.

does anyone have a similiar story.

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    June last year i was hit, i was stationary at a junction and she came out of no where speeding into the side of me, it happend fast but also in slow motion, i could hear her brakes screeching the headlights coming at me i thought they will stop, but it had been raining and the road was wet, i sat there knowing she was going to hit me, my son was in the car in front also knew i was going to get hit, i thought this is it, please no, the impact was loud something ill never forget i was jolted sideways, ambulance police wreckage then comes the pain the hurting, all the bruising comes out, and the dam nightmares i had them for monthes afterwards so did my eldest son as he saw me hit and came running over not knowing what he was going to find, i have not been in the car since you may be a great driver but theres nutters out there, I'm scared to drive anymore and thats sad I'm 49 and need a car,as a disability stops me from walking far, but I'm too scared,

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    not really , except to remind you that it is a privelege and NOT a Right to possess a car License and to be allowed to own a car.

    the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY that you or any-one has , concerning this situation IS ,

    to remember that the car is a Legalised `killng weapon` (in the wrong hands/controller) and must be treated as such , when-ever the Controller gets behind the wheel.

    to leave the Brain of the Controller back at the house , is to have total dis-regard for the Controller AND every-one else on the Roads.

    whether it be your `near fault` or the other drivers `near fault`...

    forgetting what you are actually doing is DANGEROUS.

    think about this , i am NOT denigrating you (personally or other-wise) , simply reminding ALL that it is a weapon of "Crass Destruction" with which WE all navigate the streets.

    Source(s): truck-driver since 17 and 45 now....had 3 (car incidents) so far. 0 in the truck...! btw , there is no such thing as an `accident` , they`re "incidents"......caused by drivers not paying attention to their ?..Privileges...!
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    A number of years ago I was in a car accident, this guy pulled out of a shopping mall and didn't see me coming. He hit me I wasn't seriously hurt lots of black and blues but it scared the heck out of me. It took many years to get over it, every time I saw a car getting ready to pull out into traffic I would remember that accident.

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    Yeah. When I was a lot younger we (me and a bunch of other kids) were at the back of a bus and the other bus behind us crashed and their entire windscreen smashed. We were totally unharmed though. Now I'm Batman and I defend the city from these accidents and other villains.

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    Wait till your commanding officer (boss) backs into the side of your car and then claims it was your fault because the back of his car got hit!

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    I love my car, and other peoples cars sometimes too. I would think that life is precious even if you are not about to lose it.

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