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1.In order to _____ physical fitness,the athlete works out extensively at the gym every day.

A.require B.achieve C.endure D.produce

2.The Smiths considered buying the two-bedroom apartment,buy they decided it wouldn't _______ the needs of their growing family.

A.see B.meet C.consider D.understand

3.Ms. Lee told us that one student in our class failed the course. At that time we didn't know who she was _______.

A.talking B.preparing C.referring D.wondering about

4.The young man was sent to _______ for three months for stealing a car.

A.jail B.cabin C.agency D.chamber

5.Before he found an office job, Jack earned his ________ behind the counter of a convenience store.

A.direction B.living C.advantage D.presence


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    B. achieve 得到

    B. meet 符合

    C. referring 談論到

    A. jail 監獄

    B. living    earn a living 或make a living 謀生

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